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Many of the multiples are rolling out FMD software integrated with their PMR systems
Not all Boots, Well, Rowlands and Superdrug pharmacies are compliant with the EU’s medicines scanning law more than a month after the deadline, C+D has learned.
28/03/2019 3 News
Sector bodies have advised pharmacies to continue to dispense medicines as normal
Up to 167,000 packs compliant with the EU’s medicines scanning law have been dispensed across the UK, but pharmacies are still dealing with false alerts.
25/03/2019 5 News
Lloydspharmacy: We are confident the IT issues are now resolved
Two Lloydspharmacies are now compliant with the EU’s medicines scanning law this morning – more than a month after the deadline – following IT issues at the multiple.
21/03/2019 8 News
Amid funding challenges and Brexit uncertainty, the CEO of Lloydspharmacy's parent company explains why keeping healthcare accessible will require reforms
14/03/2019 3 Views
Warwick Smith: I suspect the FMD is having an impact already
The cost of implementing the EU’s medicines scanning law across the supply chain will cause medicines prices to increase, the BGMA has said.
06/03/2019 13 News
Xrayser rails against the NHS's backwards approach to technology
05/03/2019 17 Views
Increasing manufacturing costs, FMD and category M clawbacks – as well as the UK's departure from the EU – are all threats to low generic drug prices, says the BGMA's Warwick Smith
01/03/2019 0 Views
Martin Sawer: Community pharmacy is doing a good job when it comes to the FMD
All major wholesalers are already compliant with the Falsified Medicines Directive, and around 10,000 pharmacies will be by the end of February, according to the wholesaler body.
22/02/2019 4 News
Fin McCaul: PSNC will look for funding for all FMD costs – hardware, software and workload
PSNC will be asking for a multi-year funding settlement, with earlier monthly payments and reimbursement for FMD costs, in its upcoming negotiations.
20/02/2019 7 News
In light of funding challenges that have hit the sector over the past two years, Numark's Jeremy Meader reflects on how community pharmacy can help deliver the NHS long-term plan
18/02/2019 1 Views