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Noel Wardle: Doctors have to make alternative arrangements for patients if they won't treat them
All pharmacists will be aware of standard 3.4 in the General Pharmaceutical Council's (GPhC) previous standards of conduct, ethics and performance –...
21/06/2017 1 Features
Countryside around Wentworth Castle, Barnsley
The Pharmacy Access Scheme (PhAS) was introduced in December 2016 to protect pharmacies in England situated one mile or more from another pharmacy by...
19/06/2017 0 Features
Medicines can an emotional burden, say researchers at the University of East Anglia
Ask a pharmacist why patients don’t take their medicines and they might talk about forgetfulness, concerns over side effects or multiple medications...
14/06/2017 0 Features
Veerpal Sandhu: "Confidentiality was the most important thing”
Pharmacists have to be prepared to have difficult conversations with their patients. Often it’s a result of an individual asking for advice or your...
12/06/2017 4 Features
Lidocaine plasters, rubefacients and fentanyl could all be scrapped from prescriptions
The NHS is no stranger to tightening its belt. Now there is yet another call to ‘trim the fat’ by curtailing the prescribing of drugs that are "of...
09/06/2017 3 Features
"The pharmacy cuts are another example of a false economy"
The London-based GP has taken on the health secretary once before and won – but will she be successful in her attempt to unseat him in the general...
06/06/2017 2 Features
The pharmacy team (left to right): Craig, Ana, Lisa, Else, Natale, Kebba, Carol, Kat
If it wasn't for a C+D 'job alert' email, Kat Darby could still be in the UK, juggling an NHS hospital career with regular weekend stints in a...
01/06/2017 1 Features
Rob Darracott: There’s a real desire to be clear about what the sector's future ought to look like
It would have been hard to miss Rob Darracott on the pharmacy circuit over the past seven years. As chief executive of Pharmacy Voice, he has been...
31/05/2017 6 Features
The Zika virus has been linked to congenital defects
Travel health usually brings to mind insect repellent, sun protection and remedies for upset stomachs. But in recent years, more serious threats have...
25/05/2017 0 Features
Did any of your Pharmacy 50 predictions match those of the C+D team?
The Pharmacy 50 was selected by readers – but how would the C+D team have voted? You can view each of their top picks below, and then see where these...
24/05/2017 0 Features