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Pharmacists must use a DMIRS online system to record patient information during consultations
The next stage of the Digital Minor Illness Referral Service (DMIRS) sees GPs in pilot areas refer patients with low acuity conditions – such as...
12/07/2019 3 Features
Eye drops
Glaucoma is the second-most common cause of blindness in the UK, according to the Royal National Institute of Blind People. Despite this, eye drop...
11/07/2019 0 Features
James Waldron interviewed Anne-Hélène Lebec at the PharmacyForum conference on June 12
It’s fair to say I hadn’t given much thought to how pharmacies operate across the channel until last year. But that all changed in October, when...
05/07/2019 4 Features
A PCN is a network of GP surgeries covering around 30,000-50,000 patients each. First announced as part of the NHS long-term plan, around 1,000 PCNs...
28/06/2019 4 Features
Nat Mitchell vaccinating Labour MP Sue Hayman in September 2018
Community pharmacies in England delivered more than 1.4 million vaccinations for the 2018-19 national flu service, according to NHS Business Services...
26/06/2019 0 Features
CBD products in a glass-fronted cabinet in Bannside Pharmacy, Northern Ireland
Changes in regulation relating to medicinal cannabis, and the increasing popularity of CBD products, have led to a grey area around how pharmacists...
21/06/2019 6 Features
At the heart of ongoing negotiations for the 2019-20 pharmacy contract in England is a desire for the sector to do more. Discussions between the...
20/06/2019 1 Features
Andrew Evans: The Welsh government is going to keep investing in service commissioning
The Welsh community pharmacy agenda is now leagues of UK neighbours England and Northern Ireland, having made steady progress in recent years. In...
12/06/2019 1 Features
Omeprazole is part of the proton pump inhibitor (PPI) class of medicines.(1) Although these medicines do not fall into a national target group for...
12/06/2019 0 Features
Prednisolone belongs to the corticosteroid class of medicines. It is a synthetic version of a hormone synthesised by the adrenal cortex that produces...
06/06/2019 0 Features