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Denise and Yasmine Haq in August 2018 after the palliative chemotherapy
Many students struggle to get through exams, but one aspiring pharmacist had to overcome a far greater test when her mother was diagnosed with cancer
24/10/2019 4 Features
Toby Anderson: "We need to give patients the convenience of technology"
Lloydspharmacy's CEO Toby Anderson reveals his plans to ensure the UK's second largest multiple can adapt to a changing sector
18/10/2019 6 Features
Which of the standards for pharmacy professionals should you focus on as part of your revalidation entry?
17/10/2019 0 Features
Graham Stretch: Without investment in pharmacy technicians we can't make PCNs "whole"
With discussions to recruit pharmacy technicians to certain primary care networks (PCNs) reportedly underway, C+D asks the experts what role they could play
11/10/2019 1 Features
Picking a topic for your peer discussion can be daunting, so why not listen to our example between two community pharmacists?
10/10/2019 0 Features
As part of C+D’s week focusing on medicine shortages, we asked community pharmacies across the UK to diarise their stock struggles
09/10/2019 5 Features
Major Bex Heaton on board military ship RFA Argus
Life as a military pharmacist is full of variety, but you need to be prepared to take orders, two majors tell C+D.
08/10/2019 2 Features
Pharmacy manager Aneta Babol delivered 80 vaccinations in one day
An independent chain almost doubled the revenue from its private flu vaccination service after visiting nearby businesses, including a cashmere company
27/09/2019 6 Features
Sandra Gidley: Contractor funding is being eroded over the next five years
In the wake of her election, Sandra Gidley gives her take on hub-and-spoke dispensing, increasing RPS membership, and why pharmacies must brace themselves for online competition
20/09/2019 8 Features
Struggling with what to talk about in your first peer review discussion? Hear an example from two community pharmacists
11/09/2019 0 Features