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Allowing re-registration pharmacists to provisionally join the register without an assessment raises questions about the exam, says Laura Buckley
29/06/2020 2 Views
Community pharmacy's leading role during the COVID-19 pandemic has affirmed its place in society, says contractor Ian Strachan
24/06/2020 3 Views
Claiming the £60,000 NHS life assurance payment shouldn’t be difficult for families of eligible pharmacy professionals, says lawyer Andrea James
23/06/2020 1 Views
The medicines supply chain has remained afloat in spite of COVID-19 thanks to the collaboration between wholesalers and pharmacy teams, says HDA executive director Martin Sawer
19/06/2020 11 Views
C+D clinical editor Naimah Callachand wonders how many other pharmacists have also received racist microaggressions in the workplace
18/06/2020 6 Views
The government’s motivation for drawing up the COVID-19 death in service scheme for frontline healthcare workers had no rational compassion, says Xrayser
16/06/2020 7 Views
The form-filling for Amazon to enter the online pharmacy market is not insurmountable, say legal experts Noel Wardle and Peter Byrd
15/06/2020 7 Views
Funding issues must be taken seriously before community pharmacy can integrate with other areas of healthcare, says Laura Buckley
10/06/2020 18 Views
CE marking regulations separate legal COVID-19 test sales from illegal ones, says lawyer David Reissner
09/06/2020 1 Views
Providing COVID-19 antibody tests as a pharmacy service would increase workload but help to show the public what the sector is capable of, says The Multiple Manager
08/06/2020 7 Views