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How can pharmacists be heroes when they aren’t even trusted to carry out basic clinical services without reams of paperwork, asks Xrayser
23/10/2019 2 Views
The health secretary’s desire to shift the UK towards the French pharmacy model appears to ignore key differences between their healthcare system and ours, says The Contractor
22/10/2019 9 Views
Reducing the target patient groups for medicines use reviews (MURs) adds yet another burden onto stressed pharmacists, warns Laura Buckley
21/10/2019 1 Views
Pharmacies can no longer only rely on dispensing medicines to bring in revenue, so it’s crucial to be stock savvy and make the most of your shelf space, says Darren Collett-Mills
17/10/2019 3 Views
The fluoxetine shortage powers are a step in the right direction for pharmacists, but GPs’ time is still being wasted unnecessarily, says Dr Toni Hazell
16/10/2019 7 Views
NHS England's drive to make all patients pay for over-the-counter (OTC) medicines will reduce the living standards of those on benefits, says patient Robin Kenworthy
15/10/2019 13 Views
Retired community pharmacist Graham Brack’s security has foiled three burglaries over his 33-year career, the most startling of which happened one New Year’s Day
14/10/2019 0 Views
Through speaking with colleagues about workplace stress two main pharmacy models have emerged, but Xrayser questions whether either is sustainable
10/10/2019 4 Views
Community pharmacists must work closely with GP and hospital colleagues to create opportunities for the sector, says contractor Sally Butamol
07/10/2019 0 Views
The MHRA should enforce stricter laws on wholesale businesses hoarding supplies to help prevent medicine shortages, says HDA executive director Martin Sawer
04/10/2019 4 Views