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NHS England’s chief pharmaceutical officer has let community pharmacists down, according to Graham Phillips
16/10/2020 27 Views
Pharmacy managers must be mindful of the four types of age discrimination – harassment, victimisation and direct and indirect discrimination – say Thorrun Govind and Paul Spencer
13/10/2020 0 Views
The Department of Health and Social Care (DH) must recognise the pressures on pharmacy professionals through adequate funding, Eliza Slawther says
12/10/2020 3 Views
Pharmacy employers must report cases of employees infected with COVID-19 at work to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), says lawyer Lachlan Nisbet
07/10/2020 0 Views
Trusting community pharmacists to access more detailed patient record information would bring them out of the dark ages, says Laura Buckley
06/10/2020 12 Views
Pharmacists should carefully consider whether delivering a MUR consultation remotely is appropriate for the patient, says Noel Wardle
05/10/2020 5 Views
Scott McDougall reveals how pharmacies can harness the surge in demand for online medical advice during COVID-19
30/09/2020 3 Views
Keeping detailed records is an important part of pharmacies providing MURs remotely, says lawyer Susan Hunneyball
29/09/2020 1 Views
Pharmacies in Northern Ireland welcome the continuation of the emergency supply service but they must ensure they do not miss out on other initiatives, says the Multiple Manager
28/09/2020 3 Views
There are many similarities between the Spanish flu and COVID-19 pandemics - but in some ways pharmacists experienced these times very differently, says Stuart Anderson
25/09/2020 1 Views