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Pharmacists should provide advice about avoiding contact with open flames or other sources of ignition, such as lit cigarettes
Helen Glover is at the counter, holding a bottle of Hedrin and talking to your dispensing assistant Anna. “I wish schools still had nit nurses,” you...
19/04/2018 0 CPD
Opioid misuse
From this pharmacy CPD module on drug misuse and dependence you will learn about: The level of drug misuse in the UK Pharmacological management of...
12/04/2018 2 CPD
From this pharmacy CPD module on cataracts you will learn: About the different types of cataracts and their symptoms The risk factors for cataracts...
28/03/2018 0 CPD
Picking an item from the shelf
Anna, one of your staff, is undergoing her dispensing assistant training. So far, all has been going well, and you have been impressed with her...
28/03/2018 0 CPD
Turning down alcohol because of misuse
From this pharmacy CPD module on alcohol misuse you will learn about: The signs and symptoms exhibited by people who may be misusing alcohol How to...
22/03/2018 0 CPD
As a general rule more than 800mcg budesonide is considered a high dose for an adult
Your pre-registration pharmacist Nusrat has been learning about asthma and has impressed you with her enthusiasm for this therapeutic area. “I’ve...
22/03/2018 0 CPD
From this CPD module on managing migraine you will learn about: The impact migraine can have on your patients Its causes, triggers and symptoms...
15/03/2018 2 CPD
erectile dysfunction viagra
From this pharmacy CPD module on erectile dysfunction you will learn about: What causes this condition How patients are assessed The...
08/03/2018 0 CPD
BNF 74
From this pharmacy CPD module on using the British National Formulary you will learn: What changes have occurred in the BNF recently and why About...
02/03/2018 0 CPD