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Common ear problems otitis media externa and ear wax
From this pharmacy CPD module on common ear problems you will learn about: The causes and risk factors in the development of otitis externa, otitis...
15/11/2017 0 CPD
how to use eye drops
From this CPD module on helping patients with their dry and watering eyes you will learn about: The symptoms and causes of dry and watering eyes...
08/11/2017 0 CPD
aspirin reye's syndrome
From this CPD module on Reye’s syndrome you will learn about: The theories of what causes this syndrome The symptoms and complications, and how it...
02/11/2017 0 CPD
Heart failure symptoms and treatments
From this CPD module on heart failure you will learn: About the symptoms and stages of heart failure The different tools used in the diagnosis of...
25/10/2017 0 CPD
Patients should be advised to rotate their insulin injection site (usually in abdomen or thigh area)
From this module on helping patients manage and understand type 1 diabetes you will learn: About patient education as a part of the treatment of...
19/10/2017 0 CPD
cutaneous sarcoidosis
Henry Johnson, a regular customer, approaches the counter and beckons you over. “I’m a bit confused as to what is causing this red rash on my...
19/10/2017 0 CPD
Mesenteric adenitis causing severe abdominal pain
Zehra Hossain is at the pharmacy counter looking anxious. “I can’t stay long, I’ve left Ayyub at home,” she tells you. “He’s ten years old now, so...
15/10/2017 0 CPD
different types of hair loss
From this pharmacy CPD module on the common causes of hair loss you will learn about: The hair growth cycle­ The different types of alopecia (hair...
11/10/2017 0 CPD
Common kidney conditions
From this pharmacy CPD module on common kidney conditions you will learn about: Kidney stones, including symptoms, management and how to prevent...
06/10/2017 0 CPD


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