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Data suggests there is a higher risk of extremely rare blood clots following the first dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine
08/04/2021 0 CPD
Recreational drugs can be used enhance performance in a variety of ways. In this module we will consider the use of anabolic steroids and "study drugs" to improve performance
08/04/2021 0 CPD
Some customers may be concerned that getting the vaccine will invalidate their fast during Ramadan – what advice can you give them?
08/04/2021 0 CPD
Experts have investigated the safety of the vaccine following concerns published by the media
01/04/2021 2 CPD
Over-the-counter medication such as pseudoephedrine can be abused for its stimulant affects, but what do you know about common recreationally used stimulants?
01/04/2021 0 CPD
How to spot the symptoms of menopause and what advice you can give women on treatments to relieve symptoms
25/03/2021 0 CPD
Dos and don’ts in relation to medicines, supplements, diet and exercise during pregnancy
18/03/2021 0 CPD
Type 1 diabetes is most commonly identified in children and adolescents. Can you recognise the signs and symptoms?
18/03/2021 0 CPD
As more vaccines are approved in the UK, this article aims to focus on supporting pharmacy professionals with key learning points around the Moderna vaccine
11/03/2021 1 CPD
Drug misuse can arise from curiosity or recreational use, but sometimes the legitimate use of medicines can transition into cases of substance abuse
11/03/2021 0 CPD