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Symptoms and complication of diabetes
From this pharmacy CPD module on the symptoms and complications of diabetes you will learn: What leads to an individual developing diabetes The...
21/09/2017 0 CPD
Keloid scar tissue
A patient, Gary, comes into your pharmacy and asks to speak to you in private. You usher him into the consultation room and ask how you can help. He...
19/09/2017 0 CPD
warfarin and oral anticoagulant therapy
From this pharmacy CPD module on the role of the pharmacist in warfarin therapy you will learn: How long patients will be on warfarin therapy What...
14/09/2017 0 CPD
Warfarin decreases the body's ability to form blood clots
From this CPD module on warfarin and INR testing you will learn: What warfarin is used for How the dose of warfarin is determined and target...
07/09/2017 0 CPD
Can this patient buy calcipotriol from the pharmacy?
Lauren, one of your counter assistants, comes into the dispensary with something in her hand. “Moira Kemble is at the counter and is asking to buy...
06/09/2017 0 CPD
Around one in 25 people will develop nasal polyps at some point in their life
From this pharmacy CPD module on nasal polyps you will learn: What nasal polyps are and how they form The symptoms patients typically present with...
29/08/2017 0 CPD
Malaria can develop within seven days of being bitten by an infected mosquito
This CPD module on malaria prevention will help you: Develop your knowledge of malaria Learn how to assess a traveller’s risk of contracting...
24/08/2017 0 CPD
schizophrenia driving rules
A regular patient, Jennifer, approaches you at the pharmacy counter. She looks tired and drawn, so you ask if she wants to speak in private. She...
17/08/2017 0 CPD
smoking cessation
From this pharmacy CPD module on smoking cessation you will learn: How smoking affects the body The barriers that stop patients from quitting...
16/08/2017 0 CPD


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