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premenstrual syndrome PMS
From this pharmacy CPD module on premenstrual syndrome (PMS), you will learn: What PMS is, including its symptoms and prevalence How to distinguish...
27/07/2017 0 CPD
Social prescribing
Your new pre-registration pharmacist comes to you with a training brochure for social prescribing. “There’s a session on social prescribing coming...
19/07/2017 0 CPD
diet and hypertension
From this CPD module on lifestyle interventions and management of hypertension you will learn: Lifestyle interventions that pharmacists can...
18/07/2017 0 CPD
Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by circulating blood upon the walls of blood vessels
From this pharmacy CPD module on hypertension you will learn: What hypertension is, and how it is defined  The factors that increase the risk of a...
11/07/2017 0 CPD
Liver disease CPD
From this CPD module on liver disease you will learn: The structure and role of the liver What liver disease is and its symptoms How liver...
05/07/2017 0 CPD
how long does it take for a medicine to dissolve in the mouth
You are having a debrief session with a newly qualified pharmacist who has recently started locuming at your pharmacy. “You have a lot of supervised...
03/07/2017 1 CPD
Delay period contraception options
Olivia, 21, who is studying at the nearby university, tells you that she is shortly going to Tanzania for three weeks. She has sorted out her...
28/06/2017 0 CPD
undiagnosed COPD cases hypertension MURs smoking smokers
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects nearly three million people in the UK, according to the NHS, but only 1.2m of these have been...
28/06/2017 0 CPD


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