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7 in 10 readers won't let pharmacy affect vote

16 per cent of readers say political parties' pharmacy announcements have helped confirm who they will vote for

Sixty-eight per cent of C+D poll respondents say recent announcements on plans for the sector will not influence which party they back today


Seven in 10 pharmacists will not vote for a party based on its plans for the sector.

Sixty-eight per cent of 72 respondents to a C+D poll, which ran April 5-7, said the parties' recent announcements about their plans to expand the role of community pharmacists would not affect who they voted for in the general election today (May 7).

Sixteen per cent of respondents said the parties’ plans for the sector had helped confirm their voting choice, while 8 per cent said it had changed their initial decision. Eight per cent said they did not plan to vote at all.

Pharmacy Voice chief executive Rob Darracott said that, although pharmacy was a “passionate” profession, politicians’ messages and interactions with the sector would only influence pharmacists’ views to “some extent”.
“There are a huge range of different factors and influencers that matter to individuals,” he told C+D.
Amish Patel, manager of Hodgson Pharmacy in Kent, agreed that there was "more to voting than just pharmacy". Pharmacists should take account of the economy when voting in order to ensure "pharmacy will be safe", he added. 
Labour told C+D last week that it wanted to work with readers to find ways to expand the sector's role if the party won the general election. The Conservative party set out five ways for pharmacists to improve patient care and assist GPs, while the Liberal Democrats pledged to consider commissioning more national community pharmacy services.

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What should the new governemnt do to expand the sector's role?

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Farmer Cyst, Community pharmacist

I got so sick of hearing the party leaders bang on about community Pharmacy and it's glittering future that I had to turn off the T.V for a bit and put down the bag of paint thinner.

Ben Merriman, Community pharmacist

I got that bored of it that I focussed, on the seventh Sunday of the month, on the image at the end of my street which was a freshly frozen Hell landscape complete with airborne pigs arranged in a flying V, lit by blue moonlight...

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