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Boots offers free indemnity insurance for employees’ primary care work

Boots' current Axa insurance does not extend to primary care settings
Boots' current Axa insurance does not extend to primary care settings

Boots will offer free indemnity insurance to its pharmacists working part-time in primary care, it has told C+D.

All Boots employees are already covered by insurer Axa, the multiple explained, but this coverage does not extend to “when they are working outside of Boots in a primary care setting”.

“We will shortly be launching a new scheme with reputable insurers that allows a Boots pharmacist who wants to work one or two days a week in primary care to apply for a strong insurance policy that will cover their professional work as well,” Boots UK chief pharmacist Marc Donovan said this morning (November 2).

“Because of our very significant buying scale, we can offer this free, at no cost to our pharmacists,” he added.

“We have been trying for some time to find a way in which our pharmacists can be covered for both their work at Boots and their work in primary care, and we are pleased to say that we have found a solution,” he explained.

The multiple has already let its employees know, and will be sharing further details “in due course”, Mr Donovan said.

Employees will be able to apply for the insurance from January, and the cover “will fully meet General Pharmaceutical Council registration requirements”, he stressed.

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Have you seen your indemnity insurance change in recent years?

Meera Sharma, Primary care pharmacist

Interesting that this is being offered at the same time that the PDA negotiation is happening. Trying to entice your pharmacists Boots - ???! Or am I just being cynical

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

Very good of them. Tremendous benefit from one the top high street employers.

John Smith, Academic pharmacist

brilliant so if i make a mistake in a gp practice and the prescription is dispensed by boots... i say its boots fault and they say its mine... whose side is the insurer gonna take? boots maybe, because they pay the bills?

this also means u have to put up with their own insurance for ur employment. if u make an error do u want boots writing to the patient subtly explaining how its all ur fault and it wont happen again, lessons have been learned etc. then the patient complains to the gphc and sends them the letter from boots? no thanks.

Beta Blocker, Primary care pharmacist

Are Boots expecting prescriptions to be directed from their primary care pharmacists? .... a kind of 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine'

Might be a conflict of interest....

Saddened Old Timer, Community pharmacist

Interesting that Boots will give their pharmacists a benefit to work for someone else but not benefit the ones they work to death in stores every day ?? Also says it fulfills Gphc requirements but will it actually give those pharmacists full coverage. Sounds a bit of a con methinks ....


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