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Boots seals exclusive Cyklo-F supply deal

Tranexamic acid 500mg will be available exclusively through Boots stores as a P medicine from January 31. The drug, which will be sold as Cyklo-F Heavy Period Flow Relief, is available to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding over several cycles in women with regular cycles.It will be available through more than 1,800 Boots stores for women aged 18-45 years, with a maximum treatment period of four days. A spokesperson from manufacturer Meda Pharmaceuticals told C+D the product would be“Boots-only” at launch.The MHRA authorised the POM to P switch last April, hailing the move as “an important step for women”.Every year an estimated one in 20 women aged between 30 and 49 years consults a GP or other healthcare professional about heavy menstrual bleeding.

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