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Medical cannabis trade association launches with regulation charter


The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) has launched a trade association and introduced a quality charter for CBD manufacturers.

Launched last Friday (November 8), the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry aims to “bring together leading businesses and experts [who are] committed to fostering a legally compliant, socially responsible and innovative CBD industry”, the CMC said.

The association has introduced a quality charter, requiring signatories to follow a framework of legal compliance and quality controls, the CMC said.

The association is working with the Food Standards Agency in an effort to guide CBD companies through the compliance process for authorisation as a "novel food".

The trade association also hopes to launch its own quality trademark, which will be on products meeting its standards and assurances.

CMC development director Shomi Malik said: "In what is fast becoming a moment of reckoning for this industry, our unequivocal commitment is to provide the required stewardship to support the development of a legal and safe, regulated cannabinoid industry in the UK."

To find more about the quality charter, visit the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry’s website.

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