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Cold sore treatment arrives from the Netherlands

Medicines distributor Zeon Healthcare has launched a cold sore treatment.

SoreFix Cold Sore Lip Balm, previously only available in the Netherlands, launched in the UK last month and is designed to prevent and treat the “tingling, blistering and burning phases” of cold sores and dry lips, the company said.

The balm contains two zinc salts, which are intended to produce a “physical filter to protect the lip from triggers that cause cold sore outbreaks,” Zeon Healthcare said. These salts “encapsulate” cells infected with the herpes virus and prevent them from spreading, the company claimed.

The balm does not contain aciclovir, which means it can be used by patients who are resistant to the antiviral, Zeon Healthcare claimed.

Sorefix is available in a 6ml tube and 10ml jar, which each retail at £7.47.

To order, call 01869 342157

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