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Derma UK unveils prices of new emollient dispenser pumps

Derma UK has announced the prices for its two new Ultrabase emollient cream dispenser pumps.

The 50g airless pump retails for £3.96,  with a trade price of £2.20, while the 200g pump will cost £7.16, with a trade price of £3.98, the manufacturer said.

The new sizes launched on Monday, with the 50g pump replacing the 50g tube in the range, which also includes a 500g pump pack.

Available from all major wholesalers


Rehan Nawaz, Pharmacy owner/ Proprietor

Nice to see C&D have got their priorities in order. Headline news about price changes for Ultrabase, whilst the major news of the day is just a secondary news story

Paul Miyagi, Information Technology

Its true Rehan, but at least they let us have our say without editing which is more than can be said with the Pharmaceutical Journal. If they had let us express our true views years ago then who knows ??

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