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DH responds to PSNC’s ‘deep frustration’ over funding negotiations

DH: Most pharmacies have been able to access general COVID-19 support packages
DH: Most pharmacies have been able to access general COVID-19 support packages

The Department of Health and Social Care (DH) has responded to PSNC’s public expression of “deep frustration” over the ongoing pharmacy funding negotiations.

In an update to contract negotiations posted yesterday (February 9), Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) chief executive Simon Dukes said the HM Treasury’s refusal to budge on its “insufficient” funding offer “is not in line with ministers’ promises”.

“We also believe that the [DH] and NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) are failing in their duty to protect the sector financially,” he added, urging the sector to “publicly hold [the government] and NHSE&I to account for their funding decisions and the impact that those can have on patients”.

In a statement to C+D today (February 10), a spokesperson for the DH said: “Community pharmacies make an important contribution to the NHS, and have gone above and beyond in response to COVID-19 to serve their communities, including in the vaccination programme.

“During this unprecedented pandemic, £370 million has been made available in advance payments to support pharmacies in maintaining medicine supplies and providing health advice. Additional funding for costs incurred during the pandemic, is being discussed with the sector,” they added.

Access to COVID-19 support packages

The DH said that as well as ongoing discussions with PSNC about additional funding, most pharmacies have been able to access general COVID-19 business support packages, including retail grants and business rates relief.

Additional payments have also been made to support opening hours on bank holidays and social distancing for every medicine delivery service to shielded patients, the DH explained. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided free of charge and pharmacies are reimbursed for PPE already purchased, it added.

The DH also pointed to non-monetary support provided during the pandemic, such as the delayed introduction of new services and support through the pharmacy quality scheme.

How has your pharmacy coped during the COVID-19 pandemic?

sunil maini, Community pharmacist

M.Rx(n) student,

                Are you employed by doh as an agitator?

M. Rx(n), Student

I am a Pharmacist who works on the frontline as a Pharmacist.

I am agitating for a sustainable model that works for the average FRONTLINE Pharmacist and their patients.

I'm not bothered about your profit column .

Axed Locum, Locum pharmacist

The current model of CP puts profits before people, in breach of the professional rules, and is unlikely change until the remuneration model disincentivises it.


Dave Downham, Manager

I can see 1 number in the DHSC response and that is for an advance that they have not indicated will be retained. All the other scraps no way reflect actual costs incurred nor the provision of services when the shutters came dowith at GPs. They are wanting to provide healthcare on the cheap and the total disregard and disrespect stinks.

M. Rx(n), Student

On the cheap? Perhaps. Semantically one might say value-for-money.
But I would also say the same of the middleman contractor.
An eternal struggle and perhaps unsustainable affair?

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

""fixed-sum care providers?""

ever heard of noh-NHS care provided ROUTINELY?

M. Rx(n), Student

Are they retailers or dedicated care providers?

Do they hawk things on sales floors to patients by capitalising on footfall to make a tidy sum? That's the gig.

M. Rx(n), Student

I'm all for fair funding, but, rightly, the DoH is doing a good balancing act of not neglecting the basis of the sector and not ceding to the disguised capitalist urges of the middlemen/moneymen.

Dodo pharmacist, Community pharmacist

What a load of bollocks. Meanwhile GPs get a pay rise and dentists get their full NHS cheque despite only seeing 1/3 of normal patient numbers.

Sunil Patel, Pharmacy owner/ Proprietor

Because the GPs can negotiate but we are stuck with incompetent leaders in organisations such as PSNC and the NPA who have no idea how to represent and negotiate 






M. Rx(n), Student

Are the GPs and Dentists operating as RETAILERS, or as fixed-sum care providers?

Alexander The Great, Community pharmacist

Retail side of pharmacy account for around 5% of turnover.

M. Rx(n), Student

And how much of that including the DoH funding goes directly into the profit column or to shareholders or the middleman contractor? Nothing wrong with it....but the DoH would also squeeze to get it's desired value out of every pound given. So how much would be enough?

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