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E-cigarettes could spark another media scandal

Professional Charles Russell partner Noel Wardle says pharmacists could face a repeat of the Channel 4 investigation into homeopathy if they do not sell the product ethically

Pharmacists risk sparking another media scandal unless they ensure they are selling e-cigarettes ethically, a lawyer has warned.

Although the sale of e-cigarettes was legal, the media would be likely to probe into the ethics surrounding the products, Noel Wardle, partner at Charles Russell, said at the legal firm's conference on Thursday (March 27).

Mr Wardle explained that pharmacists would have to give patients full information on e-cigarettes to help them make an informed choice.

Although the sale of e-cigarettes was legal, the media would be likely to probe into the ethics surrounding the products, said solicitor Noel Wardle

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Failing to do so could see a repeat of the Channel 4 investigation into homeopathy in 2011, which cast doubts over the ethics of the profession, he warned. The programme uncovered pharmacists selling homeopathic malarial prophylaxis but Mr Wardle stressed that the alleged lack of advice given by some pharmacy staff was the most damning part of the investigation.

If pharmacists decided to sell e-cigarettes, they would be duty-bound to highlight the risks, Mr Wardle argued. "The ethical position [on e-cigarettes] is interesting because they're not banned from sale in pharmacies and the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has made that very clear," he told the conference.

"It has said pharmacists can supply them, but need to remember their overriding duty to protect the wellbeing of patients. That includes whether it's ethical, whether [it] protects the health of patients and also whether the patient needs this product, which isn't currently regulated in the same way as other products," Mr Wardle stressed.

Last month, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society called for pharmacists to shun e-cigarettes until they became licensed in 2016. The GPhC has advised pharmacists to bear in mind its guidance and to "exercise their professional judgement" when deciding whether to stock the products.

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Stephen Eggleston, Community pharmacist

If there is pending "media fury" I hope our support bodies (PSNC, NPA et al) are already working very hard on providing a counter argument. I think we all agree that e-cigarettes have taken the smoking world by storm but surely it is better to have them sold from a reputable (sic) outlet such as a pharmacy where additional health advice on stopping smoking is available instead of a garage or pound-shop (where, incidentally, NRT patches are sold without the availability of any supporting advice)
Oops, looks like I've just done the support bodies job for them

I never cease to be amazed when a legal eagle lectures another profession on ethics. The law profession is surely amongst the most money-grabbing, over-charging, self-serving, morally bankrupt bunch that this planet has ever seen. Sorry, I was joking, they are of course the second most after bankers

Calum Nelson, Locum pharmacist

Oh yeah, I remember that documentary about homoeopathic anti-malarials being sold in pharmacies. What was is the GPhC did about it again? Can anyone remember what action they took against the pharmacies concerned? And what about in 2012 when the same pharmacies were making dodgy claims on their websites? I'm pretty sure the GPhC stopped it from happening. Didn't they? I'm pretty sure that they didn't use a phrase like "we have identified no fitness to practise issues". It's not like I've totally made my point and I'm starting to milk it now.

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