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Four Lloyds closures affect ‘some of most deprived’ areas of England

A local councillor is "deeply saddened" by Allerton Road closure (credit: The Local Data Company)
A local councillor is "deeply saddened" by Allerton Road closure (credit: The Local Data Company)

The closure of four Lloydspharmacies in Liverpool affects “some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the whole country”, an LPC chief officer has said.

C+D can confirm the four branches closed in the city last month – at 114 Allerton Road; 17 Woolton Street; 9 Townsend Lane; and 249-251 County Road.

Liverpool local pharmaceutical committee's (LPC) chief officer Matt Harvey told C+D last week (February 8) that the closures go “completely against the grain of what the government set out in protecting pharmacies in deprived areas”, branding them a result of “the cuts and funding issues we’re facing at the moment”.

“It doesn’t seem fair or right that those communities are now left without a pharmacy, when they’re potentially some of the most needy,” he added.

The four pharmacies are part of the 190 “commercially unviable” Lloydspharmacy branches in England where parent company Celesio UK will cease trading. C+D has now confirmed the location of 36 of these pharmacies (see map below); the multiple would not confirm the remaining 154 branches.

Money “drained out of frontline health provision”

Councillor Richard Kemp CBE, leader of the Liberal Democrats on Liverpool City Council, said the closure of the Allerton Road branch has left him “extremely saddened” and “concerned about the health” of patients in his area.

“Too much money is being drained out of frontline health provision to fill gaps in the budgets of hospitals and institutions,” Mr Kemp told C+D.

The government should instead be “increasing the number of services provided on our high streets”, which he argued would “reduce the pressure on our GPs and ultimately on our hospitals”.

Where else is Lloydspharmacy ceasing trading?

You can use C+D's map to view the location of each of the 36 Lloydspharmacy branches so far confirmed for closure or sale.

Branches confirmed for closure are marked in purple, while those up for sale are marked in blue. The branches that have been sold are marked in orange.

This map is live, and will be updated as C+D confirms the locations of further affected Lloydspharmacy branches.

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Do you work in a Lloydspharmacy that is being sold or closed?

Mohammed Patel, Community pharmacist

It's a shame that these closures don't affect the likes of Teresa May and Jacob Rich-Mogg.

Because if it did, you could guarantee it would be the first thing debated in the house the next morning. UK and it's government is totally discriminatory and corrupt in everything that it does.

Adam Hall, Community pharmacist

Sadly, "fair or right" doesn't come in to it

Sh Mustafi, Pharmacy Buyer

Quick look on the net shows liverpool has 100 pharmacies....I’m presuming majority if not all deliver so let’s not make a mountain out of a  molehill .***

***This comment has been edited in line with C+D's community principles.***

Hadi Al-Bayati, Locum pharmacist

I thought pharmacy was trying to move away from just dispense and deliver.....

Ilove Pharmacy, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

Move away to where ?

Hector Bellerin, Pharmacy Buyer

That’s pretty difficult if 90% of your income is generated via rxs. 

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