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GPhC data reveals ethnic minorities 'over-represented' in FTP concerns

GPhC: The analysis of the data on fitness-to-practise concerns is challenging
GPhC: The analysis of the data on fitness-to-practise concerns is challenging

The number of fitness-to-practise (FTP) “concerns” received by the GPhC continues to climb, according to figures that show some ethnicities are over-represented in the reports.

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) handled 681 concerns between April and June 2018, 14 more than in the three months to March 2018, and a 47% increase compared with the 462 reported in the same period the previous year, the regulator said.

The GPhC received an average number of 230 concerns per month between April and June, according to the performance monitoring report produced for its September council meeting.

The total number of cases under investigation at any one time has also increased, by 21%, “which demonstrates an increase in productivity”, the GPhC said.

Ethnic minorities over-represented in concerns

The GPhC also analysed the ethnicity of pharmacists who enter fitness-to-practise proceedings, to find out “whether there is over representation relating to ethnicity of pharmacist [the] context of our total population”.

This is part of the regulator’s research to “analyse how effective our fitness-to-practise process is at eliminating discrimination”.

Pharmacists identifying themselves as “Asian – other” were the most over-represented in fitness-to-practise concerns in 2017, meaning there was a greater percentage of fitness-to-practise concerns in this ethnic group “relative to the total number of registrants”.

“Asian – other” pharmacists constitute 3.2% of the register, but the percentage of concerns raised against them was 77% higher, at 5.6%, the GPhC said.

Black African pharmacists represent 5.6% of the register but had 8.2% of concerns made against them, while Pakistani pharmacists form 8.2% of the register and received 12.1% of concerns.

Men had more concerns raised against them than women – 717 compared with 393, or 65% of the total – despite only constituting 39% of the register.

The GPhC said its analysis of the data of 57,226 pharmacists was “challenging owing to the very small dataset”, and warned of “its potential to mislead”.

As part of its research, from this month, the GPhC will review data it has collected of fitness-to-practice cases, and report on any recommendations for improvements in December 2019.

Have you raised a fitness-to-practise concern before?

R T, Manager

There institutional racism within all aspects of the pharmacy world. You will seldom find a non caucasian occupying a role of authority like in the GPhC or MHRA etc. Even within the NHS for that matter. 

BAME have always had a difficult time finding influential employment.

As part of a different study from 2011, researchers sent out almost 13,000 fake résumés to over 3,000 job postings. The academics went back to this data at the start of 2017 and found that people with Chinese, Indian or Pakistani-sounding names were 28% less likely to get invited to an interview than the fictitious candidates with English-sounding names, even when their qualifications were the same.

A smaller study commissioned by the French government last year found that employers were less likely to interview candidates with North African-sounding names.

Over in the United Kingdom, an all-parliamentary group study from 2012 found that women who “whitened” their names or made them sound more British had to send only half as many applications before being invited to interview as those who sounded foreign.


A government sting operation targeting hundreds of employers across Britain has uncovered widespread racial discrimination against workers with African and Asian names.


Its clear racism is ingrained within the minds of those from a non BAME community and sometimes you don't even realise youre doing it.


How does this relate to more asians and blacks being called up to FTP?

well if you have these racial inclincations, then youre more likely to report a black/asian person than you would a white. youre already infuriated that the black/asian person is the one you had to go to to get your meds etc. just like you're put off when you have a 'muhammad' or 'okuwabe' on your desk applying for a position within your company. those from BAME must be careful in their day to day work, because they're more likely to receive a harsher determination also. just like they would receive a harsher prison sentence. 






Leon The Apothecary, Student

There's a risk of being misled here, and there are other factors to consider as well in combination of racial groups, such as experience, age, and location to name a few. You'd get far more detailed data to make an analysis from.

Dave Downham, Manager

Crikey, plenty of people on here have been on the Tennants Extra. The car park's over there - I'll hold your coats.

Benie I, Locum pharmacist

9/2018 - 20:Sadly most racists get rather defensive when confronted with the evidence of their actions. Exactly as we seem to be witnessing on this site. Another great example is from a few weeks ago when Theresa May was questioned by channel 4 as to what contribution she made to free Nelson Mandela. The word squirm is a gross understatement. In case you were unaware Mr Smith Theresa and her motley crew called for his hanging. 

Alan WHITEMANN, Communications

Addtessed to Benie I.....Get your facts right before disseminating drivel .

A LOCUM, Community pharmacist

ever since i qualified all them years ago this has been an issue and will continue on in future , i remember a stat comm PJ article enquiry being done where they compared cases where identical crimes were done and the differences stat comm decision were alarming , no blue peter badge for guessing which ethnic groups came of worse, nothing changes

CAPT FX, Locum pharmacist

The Fundamental underlying issue here is that this country is patently racist. I have said it from the very first day on this platform and people were saying this was a negative discussion. 

I am as good a Professional as any other race and the question is why in a profession dominated by local ethnic Caucasians, the statistics dont reflect this.

The undisputed fact is that this is the only country where people left this island and went overseas and by the use of force settled in other people's lands. People were enslaved, abused in all kinds of way and their economies pillaged for years. Native populations were driven to peripheral barren areas in their own country whilst the British took over productive fertile lands and became land barons.

We had to wage armed struggle in order for our voice to be heard that we were basically human too like our white British counterparts.  Negotiations were a complete waste of time because of intransigence and a complete failure to respect other people's property rights. I did not read this in a history book: I saw this in my lifetime. I also know what I mean when I say racism is very much part of this nation's social fabric. This is the only country to have exported racial hatred overseas and to legislate and enforce racial segregation in those lands euphemistically referred to as the empire. This is the only nation never to have issued a formal apology or even showed any measure of remorse for those actions. This Nation is still in denial and yet what happened in the former colonies was just as bad as what the Nazis did to the Jewish population.

Nothing has changed as can be seen every day. Queen Elizabeth who was head of state then is still head of state today and the various scandals, in particular, the Windrush issue. People get angry when accused of being racist, yet this is the default position. This is why an Asian or Black Pharmacist is likely to be a perennial candidate for FTP processes because the origins are based on racial hatred.

I have been before the FTP process countless times and for trivial laughable matters. But they had to be seen through because reports were made by white staff in the shops who could not be ignored. Racism used to be attributed to ignorance but that has since changed especially after the Brexit referendum. Now the Gloves are off and you feel lucky if you don't get a monkey chant or the N-word mentioned to your face. This country has now come full circle to that it is acknowledged for,

Is it any surprise then that these statistics show this disproportionate pattern. These statistics show what this country thinks about all these men and women who have travelled from the former Colonies( among others) to augment the National Health Service. Hospitality and Civility is not a word any foreign professional will associate with our Hosts. Just like they did when they were masters in our own lands. Food for thought.

S Pessina, Pharmacist Director

it seems you are racist against white people who have no connection with historical events . You may as well go back to the Roman times and cite them as raping , pilaging and enslavement. Oh, and why not quote the Vikings etc etc.  oh really, grow up!!!  

John Smith, Locum pharmacist

Absolute nonsense. A bile filled, racist rant against phantom racism. This country is diverse and welcoming, and I speak as an immigrant myself. If it were a hotbed of intolerant racism then why are so many seeking to come here. Not really making sense are you? You just don't like white British people,or 'local ethnic caucasians' as you call them, do you? You blame them for your own shortcomings and failures and console yourself by pretending that you're some type of victim. You're not. And if you were before the FtP process countless times then I'm pretty sure that the problem lies with you and your practices, not racism.


CAPT FX, Locum pharmacist

Typical stiff upper lip phantom bravado. My point here was to mention that these statistics reveal something that is typical of this nation. Something that started generations ago and which continues to this day. Why would you have higher statistics from the minority in the profession? I will never apologise for the extreme racism segregation and genocide the British did in my lifetime. Other humane nations show and demonstrate remorse but not men like John here. They self- congratulate and say you are here because we are better racists than I don't know whom. I never have and will never play the victim, but I state the facts as they stand. This country has a chequered race history and suppresses accusations & genuine concerns by making people feel defensive when facts are stated. The GPHC statistics speak for themselves. You can spin in it all you want but the fact remains that in those statistics lies not the ghost but the practical reality of racism that is patently genetic. What is worse is that this racism started well after Nazism had been defeated by the American led coalition. What unfolded was worse than Nazism and I know because I was born in a concentration camp. John, you can jump up and down in joy whilst issuing your Brit backbone denials. Facts are facts, man

Sarah Smythe, Information Technology

This inflammatory and  offensive. It should be reported to the Police.

Sharon Stone, Communications

well spoken out Mr Smith, a good bit of old "British Backbone there" stating how things are. Anyone who puts their head over the parapit is automatically right wing pfffffffff.

CAPT FX, Locum pharmacist

The old Brit backbone my foot. You murdered, enslaved, pillaged and committed genocide well after Nazism. People never confronted you on this truth because we were hoping for remorse and an apologetic stance. Well, no. You prefer to lecture the world about the very ills you rain on other nationalities. Iraq used to be part of the Empire, and you decided to go back and murder and pillage. The reality is that with this wonderful British Backbone, the world or the former colonies (slaves) are not safe.
Don't expect people to take racism lying down without confronting the perpetrators like you. The unrepentant racists are educated people like you Sharone Stone? , people who hide behind institutions like the GPHC in expressing their racism. This is the new racism we are dealing with every day. This sums up what those statistics meant whether you accept it or not. You have no locus standi to lecture me about what is racism. You don't know it because till someone told you, you never knew you were doing it.

Sharon Stone, Communications

To CAPT FX........This is supposed to be a pharmacy forum.*

*This comment has been edited to comply with C+D's community principles*

Lucky Ex-Locum, Superintendent Pharmacist

What a joke - this comment gets edited and the racist rants that precede it don't. Get a grip, C + D. How does Capt FX get away with it?

Alan WHITEMANN, Communications

Yep. CAPT FX and Benie I definitely have extreme views and it seems this "rag mag" has become a forum for such like.. Can anyone remind me , Is this supposed to be about Pharmacy ??? or forum for twisted views on Britains history ??

Benie I, Locum pharmacist

Sadly most racists get rather defensive when confronted with the evidence of their actions. Exactly as we seem to be witnessing on this site. Another great example is from a few weeks ago when Theresa May was questioned by channel 4 as to what contribution she made to free Nelson Mandela. The word squirm is a gross understatement. 

Lucky Ex-Locum, Superintendent Pharmacist

Can I give you two words Captain. Idi Amin.

Benie I, Locum pharmacist

Indeed. you probably mean parapet. :-)

Benie I, Locum pharmacist

Perhaps when your homeland is being bombed by foreign forces for phantom WMDs or to control and monetize the minerals below ground then you can comment. You sound like a member of a fringe right wing party.

Sarah Smythe, Information Technology

This is offensive and inflammatory and makes inaccurate assumptions. It should be passed to the appropriate authority. It has nothing to do with pharmacy.

S Pessina, Pharmacist Director

GCHQ has probably already flagged CAPT FX and Benie I. 

John Smith, Locum pharmacist

And you sound like an apologist for extremism against the British. And I'm Irish, so yes, my homeland was occupied by the British. But to hold that against the British citizens of today and pretend that they were responsible? Absolute nonsensical racism. I suppose the victims of terror attacks on UK soil deserved it? That's what you are insinuating you utter moron. And what country, religion or culture dosen't have historical blood on its hands? The British aren't the only ones to have been involved in wars and bloodshed. The Middle East and further afield doesn't need any help to engage in slaughter, they do that all by themselves.

CAPT FX, Locum pharmacist

John, you are not Irish. The Irish are a brave people who have fought for a generation for what is right or wrong. Your permissive statement doesn't reflect this. Don't drag the brave Irish into this.
Historical factors play a role in any nation's evolution. Pointing out racist behaviour it's not blaming the current generation of what happened in the past. Why should we have statistics that are so disproportionate? How do you explain this? I saw you picked out emotive words like white caucasian, yes this is the truth. Why mince our words. The racist trait started in colonial days, and it has not abated. For you probably you feel apologetic for the Brits because you are white. You will not have the first impressions shock which a black colour elicits. You are kind of slightly higher the racial perking order. Talk to me, why are these stats like this Mr Irishman? You heard my argument. Let's hear the one with the Brit Backbone

Lucky Ex-Locum, Superintendent Pharmacist

Can't fault you on your bravery Capt. To call an Irish person not Irish is either brave in the extreme or stupid in the extreme.

If pointing out racist behaviour is not blaming the current generation, why do you keep banging on about colonialism? I wasn't born then, I have nothing whatsoever to do with colonialism, I don't agree with colonialism, I agree that Britain did some bad stuff in the past, so why do you have a problem with the colour of my skin? There are small minded, bigoted white people, there are small minded bigoted black people. I live in an area where there are no-go areas for white faces like mine. Why is this? Because of racism, that's why! 

CAPT FX, Locum pharmacist

You mentioned the word Extremism, and I have to say something about this. If criticising the British and what they have done in the past is extremism then I belong to Guantanamo Bay. If raising genuine concerns about racism in British society is extremism then once again I belong to a maximum prison facility. At some stage in my life, I was called a terrorist while fighting for my freedom. I have never heard any terms given to people who use gross racist terms. One of the big political parties is daily trying to remove its leader for what they say are antisemitic statements, yet no one has ever demanded the same for racists innuendo and statements. I am not an extremist; I abhor racial discrimination and segregation which is rife in this country

Lucky Ex-Locum, Superintendent Pharmacist to Capt FX. Where exactly did I mention 'extremism'? Are we seeing fairies at the bottom of the garden now?

Benie I, Locum pharmacist

Wow! A very broad sweeping statement on Jews/Arabs. 

 Thank you John Smith. I think your little rant proves exactly what Capt Fx was pointing out. :-)

John Smith, Locum pharmacist

There you go again, just like CAPT FX and his patent dislike of 'local ethnic caucasians'. You just don't like certain ethnic groupings do you? Nobody mentioned Arabs/Jews but you. In case you haven't noticed but Palestine, Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen etc etc are all at war or in a state of war. According to you, it's the fault of the British people and in using some form of twisted reasoning only people like you do, it's also related to the disproportionate numbers of BME pharmacists appearing in FTP cases. Anything else you'd like to blame on the British people? The extinction of dinosaurs perhaps?


Lucky Ex-Locum, Superintendent Pharmacist

It's a bit like us expecting Italy to be grovelling to us because the Romans occupied Britain.


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