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Independent pharmacy group buys one of Lloyds' 190 'unviable' branches

The Lloydspharmacy on Hursley Road, Eastleigh, is the first branch C+D has confirmed has been sold
The Lloydspharmacy on Hursley Road, Eastleigh, is the first branch C+D has confirmed has been sold

An independent pharmacy group has bought one of the Lloydspharmacy branches the multiple branded “commercially unviable”, C+D has learned.

According to a sign in the window (see below) of Lloydspharmacy on Hursley Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire, “from January, this pharmacy will no longer be operated by Lloydspharmacy”.

“Normal service will continue under new ownership,” the sign says.

The Eastleigh branch is one of the 190 “commercially unviable” branches in England that Lloydspharmacy's parent company Celesio UK has earmarked for closure or sale.

A pharmacy employee at the Eastleigh branch – who wished to remain anonymous – said it has been sold to independent pharmacy group Imaan Healthcare.

While C+D has confirmed the buyer's identity, the group said it could not comment at this time.

Imaan Healthcare currently owns “over 30 community pharmacies across the UK”, according to the group’s Facebook page.

Lloydspharmacy also told C+D it is unable to confirm details about individual deals.

Where else will Lloydspharmacy cease trading?

You can use C+D's map to view the location of each of the 24 Lloydspharmacy branches so far confirmed for closure or sale.

Branches confirmed for closure are marked in purple, while Lloydspharmacies up for sale are marked in blue. The branches that have been sold are marked in orange.

This map is live, and will be updated as C+D confirms the locations of further affected Lloydspharmacy branches.

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Do you work in a Lloydspharmacy that is being sold or closed?

Stephen Eggleston, Community pharmacist

It is interesting that "viability" is measured differently by different owners. As for the "all about profit" - I think we all need to bear in mind that without profit, there IS no business - no staff get paid, no patients get helped.

Rehan Nawaz, Pharmacy owner/ Proprietor

How is this even headline news?? C&D is fast becoming a waste of my time!

Mohammed Patel, Community pharmacist

Why did Lloyds go to the massive and expensive ordeal of buying up the Sainsburys pharmacies (which were great places to work IMHO), and then now decide to sell 190 pharmacies? Something to do with the CEO resigning perhaps or vice-versa?

I read "commercially unviable" as simply not making enough money, as I am sure you do too. Sadly, patient experience and benefit is at the bottom of the pile of priorities for pharmacy companies these days. It's all about profits. Who cares if the patient has to wait 45 minutes for a phenoxymethypenicillin script? Hopefully she will buy some make up and sanitary napkins to boost our profits while she waits?

You could spend a long time at the counter talking to a warfarin patient about the colour of their tablets. But as there is no direct payment for a chat/advice, I am sure that the chains would rather you got them in for an MUR or intervention/NMS or whathaveyou. Because then they can get paid.

Seems like Lloyds made a bad decision buying up Sainsburys, and the CEO would rather leave than face the music. Although, thankfully, I am sure he is financially secure for the rest of his life, bless his cotton socks.

Wolverine 001 , Pharmacist Director

They are just trying to cover the head office cost as its vital to their operation 

Sunny Jim, Pharmacy Buyer

They could use this pharmacy as a hub and do all their blister patients from here freeing pharmacy time to provide other services 

Kirsty Fletcher-Marish, Pharmacy technician

I worked at this branch until 3.5 years ago as manager. It used to do a lot of blisters then. It’s not big enough to be made a hub though

Wolverine 001 , Pharmacist Director

It used to do alot of blisters - 7 days scripts??? Brings your average item value down and hence becomes unviable - there is no point doing blister packs - only for those who really need it - a hub doing blister packs will also go to the wall!!!!

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