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Kenny Black leaves Rowlands Pharmacy after '20 years of loyal service'

Mr Black served as commercial director and then managing director of Rowlands
Mr Black served as commercial director and then managing director of Rowlands

Rowlands Pharmacy managing director Kenny Black has left the multiple “after 20 years of loyal service”, C+D can exclusively reveal.

Steve Anderson, managing director of the Phoenix UK group, which owns Rowlands, confirmed to C+D this morning (May 6) that Mr Black has left to pursue new career opportunities.

“We are sorry that Kenny is leaving the business and we are immensely grateful for what he has achieved during his time with us,” Mr Anderson said.

“We thank him for that and all of us wish him every success in the future.”

The next managing director of Rowlands will be appointed “shortly”, Mr Anderson added.

Mr Black has served as managing director of the multiple since 2006, before which he was commercial director for eight years, according to his LinkedIn profile.

TV appearance and funding cuts

Mr Black helped raise the sector’s profile by appearing in the Channel 4 series Undercover Boss in 2014, where he spent time working alongside a dispenser, a delivery driver, a depot manager and a retail assistant across the pharmacy chain.

In more recent years, Rowlands – like larger chains Boots and Lloydspharmacy – has searched for solutions to mitigate the pharmacy funding cuts. This has included stopping free medicines deliveries for “all but the most vulnerable”, moving medicine tray preparation to a central location and putting 70 branches up for sale.

Commenting on the branch sales in February, Mr Black stressed to C+D that Rowlands had “no intentions of closing down any of these pharmacies”.

“We intend to sell every pharmacy that has been identified and are aware that this may take some time,” he added.

What do you think about Mr Black's departure?

Farmer Cyst, Community pharmacist

Nice beard, reminds me of my Dad :-)

Jonathan Hodge, Marketing

Always sad to see someone leave who clearly has the desitre still to work, it will be interesting to see if he stays in the Healthcare/Pharmacy sector. Personally I would like to  see a new MD take a lead on more retail in a french pharmacy style.

Peter Smith, Student

*This comment has been deleted for breaching C+D's community principles*

Peter Smith, Student

I suggested that Jonathan may possibly not have known much about this guy. Why was that redacted please?

S J- Locum, Locum pharmacist

Good riddance. Best news ever.  Rowlands come to their senses at last. 

Peter Smith, Student

He certainly had a reputation amongst anyone who had worked under him. I won't say if it's good or bad, but 99% of the readers of this comment would guess right.

Community Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Good's obvously not just pharmacists,dispensers and drivers that suffer when governments constantly cut remuneration as the Tories have for a long long time now...They loath the NHS ( but constantly deny it) - I'm sure they never need to set foot in an NHS hospital let alone a common pharmacy as they would prefer togo private every time. This surreptitious ,prolonged attack on pharmacy (Thanks Keith Ridge...NOT)and the NHS is gradually showing up all over the system....they want it privatised despite all the false promises.Pharmacy is a soft target with muddled representation often by 'hospital' pharmacist who occupy the government advisory roles and are clueless (scathing) about community pharmacy- Cummunity pharmacy has been  perfect for a sustained Tory 'uasterity' attack ...Hence this genteleman is looking for work...Vote the Tories  out...

Peter Smith, Student

Keith Ridge posts on Twitter but acheives ZERO. "Oh look at me visiting a pharmacy providing a new service for free - aren't I great!?". Pure bluster, never does anything for the profession, but he's probably travelling on full expenses.

Beta Blocker, Primary care pharmacist

Let's be real... Why is he really leaving?

1) Because you can't keep cost cutting to try and make a profit. In the end there will be nothing to cut. Rowlands have already put 70 pharmacies up for sale.

2) The board of directors want to see a profit every year but how is that possible when the global sum keeps reducing year upon year.

3) He's probably made enough money for himself in that position to then move over to another company where he can improve the business.... whereas in pharmacy it's simply not a possible venture anymore.

Ana Pedro, Locum pharmacist

I am not surprised at all

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