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Labour clarifies it wants to bring hospital pharmacies 'in-house'

Labour: We will unwind internal privatisation of NHS services
Labour: We will unwind internal privatisation of NHS services

The Labour party wants to bring hospital pharmacy services “in-house” if it wins the general election, it has clarified following comments from shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

The nationalisation of community pharmacies is not the Labour party’s official policy and Mr McDonnell was not referring to this during his interview with LBC journalist Iain Dale on November 5, the Labour party told C+D this morning.

During a discussion on the increasing involvement of the private sector in the NHS, Mr McDonnell was asked whether he wanted to nationalise all pharmacies. In response, he said the Labour party wants “to make sure that our services are in-house”.

After initially declining to comment, the Labour party told C+D that Mr McDonnell was alluding to hospital outpatient dispensing services, which NHS trusts can currently outsource to third party companies.

“We will unwind internal privatisation of NHS services by bringing contracts back in-house as they expire and repealing the Health and Social Care Act,” a party spokesperson said.

It also reiterated its intention to set up a “state-owned generic drugs manufacturer to manufacture drugs cheaply for the NHS”, which Jeremy Corbyn first announced at the party’s annual conference in September.

Listen back to the LBC interview with the shadow chancellor.

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N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

"""hospital outpatient dispensing services, which NHS trusts can currently outsource to third party companies."""

If I read this setnence in cntinuation from the last article, it makes absolutely no sense as to what they want to actually acheive by doing so. As, in the last article, the main aim was to stop companies making profits from NHS money. How much profit do these tiny number of OPD Pharmacies do, to attract them for national political debate??

For example, how many hospitals in the UK have an Out Patient Pharmacy that has been contracted out?? Once contracted out, who actually holds the contract with the NHSE & registered as a Pharmacy Premises?? Now, I have not heard of term limited Pharmacy Contracts with NHSE, so are the hosptal pharmacies mentioned excluded from this rule??

All I can say is the shadow chancellor blabbered something he did not have a clue about and his team (who don't have clue either) are trying to cover up by issuing a statement with no evidence or back up.

Pharmacist Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Outsourced outpatient pharmacies make a.lot of money. I speak from experience of working in them. Any bit of income for the hospital is good and i know OPD pharmacies make in the millions

SP Ph, Community pharmacist

If they have been outsourced and they make in Millions, then surely the hospital must be getting a slice of that Millions. So, why do you want to take it in-house and run in losses???

Meera Sharma, Pharmacy owner/ Proprietor

Thanks for seeking clarification C&D.  Up until yesterday Labour didn't have anything to add to John McDonnell's comments according to your perevious article and this was worrying. Well done C&D and AIMP for questioning the party to clarify its position. 

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