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Lloydspharmacy chief leaves the company

Business External relations and policy director at parent company Celesio, Andy Murdock, has left to “pursue other interests”

One of Lloydspharmacy's most senior and longest serving head office directors has left the company, C+D has learned.

Andy Murdock, external relations and policy director at Lloydspharmacy's parent company Celesio UK, who worked at Lloydspharmacy for more than 30 years, has left to "pursue other interests", Celesio told C+D yesterday (December 10). It was unable to provide further details about the departure of Mr Murdock or who would replace him.

His departure follows the loss of Celesio chief executive Markus Pinger over a difference of opinion in July and the departure of Lloydspharmacy and AAH managing director Mark James who was replaced by Cormac Tobin in March.

As policy director at Celesio UK, Andy Murdock called for pharmacists to be funded to give exercise advice and for the sector to embrace technology

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Mr Murdock worked as a pharmacy manager in a small multiple formerly owned by Lloydspharmacy from 1982, before joining AAH as a pharmacy manager in 1993. He became Lloydspharmacy pharmacy director in 1997, where he remained until taking up his most recent position in May last year.

As policy director at Celesio UK, Mr Murdock called for pharmacists to be funded to give exercise advice and for the sector to embrace technology. He was also involved in the Community Pharmacy Future project, which saw Lloydspharmacy, Boots, the Co-operative Pharmacy and Rowlands team up to trial medicines support services for COPD sufferers and older patients on multiple drugs.

"Andy's colleagues across Celesio UK would like to thank Andy for his commitment and contribution over a long career and wish him well in his future endeavours," a Celesio spokesperson said.

In October, US healthcare giant McKesson announced a £5 billion deal to buy out Celesio, but said it did not expect to make any changes to Celesio's "terrific management team" or organisational structures.

What does Andy Murdock's departure mean for Celesio?

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Reeyah H, Community pharmacist

Don’t know anything about the fella, but I’m kind of happy that Lloyds are messing up big time! 

Pavol Kosa, Locum pharmacist

Well from what I was reading, there needs to be some improvement with locum payments, especially travel expenses I believe, as for NMS's, well I feel that sometimes after recruitment intervention and follow up week after week is not profitable for the patient, only moneywise, cos side effects can developed later on, I mean I would like to see follow up conversation to be compulsory two weeks after intervention everywhere by my opinion, which new policy director can pursue, maybe... Mur's targets and part of job issues I am not commenting on, cos I like doing them and understand that it is part of my job, it is not healthy to threaten anybody that if you will not do so much and so much we will not book you if employee or self-employee. Being locum is a choice, more flexibility, less managerial responsibility and responsibility for the staff, well we all have a choice, if one is not working, we can try something else... All the best to all pharmacist in whatever position who perform by ethical standards and keep health and safety of patients first. Take care in 2014 and all the best again to everybody :-)

Pavol Kosa, Locum pharmacist

... there need to be... side effects can develop... ( I am getting there, I do apologise for some English, need to slow down when posting something, thank you for understanding... Take care, I wish everybody only nice customers, colleagues and nice working environment, not to get up stressed out what is waiting for us at work, but to look forward to going to work working for anybody in any position :-).

Nadia Mulliner, Other healthcare profession

Andy Murdock is one of life's true gentleman... I wish him well for the future.

Caroline Jones, Locum pharmacist

This is a sad day for Lloyds as Andy Murdoch was one of the few decent professional pharmacists that company had. He was not afraid to stand up for ethical standards in the face of some very unethical suits and bean counters. He must have seen the yankie doodles on the wall. I wish him well in his future career and wherever that is will be lucky to get him. Respect!



You've done so much boot- licking you could be going down with cherry blossom poisoning.

Mahesh Sodha, Superintendent Pharmacist

I am an independent pharmacist but have nothing but respect for Andy. I only hope he gets a position at PSNC to get community pharmacy moving agian


Just realised why Caroline is sooooooooo praising...She's a locum and maybe hoping someone may see her comments and provide her with locum shifts LOL

Caroline Jones, Locum pharmacist

Calm down dear. Lloyds certainly get your panties in a bind and you sound very bitter that they have ceased to book you! Unlike you Del Boy, I have known Mr Murdoch for many years and have seen him struggle to try and maintain an ethical stance in the face of overwhelming odds at that company. Instead of running away he chose to stand and fight for pharmacy at Lloyds. Though a losing battle it does not detract from his efforts and many pharmacists have cause to be grateful for his intervention on their behalf. I myself have refused bookings at Lloyds for several years due to their dangerous working conditions. If I was trying to curry favour with them I would hardly praise the departure fo one of its leading lights and most irritating thorns would I - DOH Grandad! Think before you multi-post Del Boy, that way you would stop looking like a FOOL and HORSE [email protected]@@ drivler.

Amal England, Public Relations

Dear Caroline, Andy was policy director at Lloyds, could you tell me or direct me to a policy he masterminded that improved professionalism and safety yet left Lloyds not gaining financially. Your suggestion of Andy for the PSNC is an echo of the head of BP going to Greenpeace.


Hi Caroline.

Bitter???? far from it. You Caroline can but dream the rates I managed to negotiate from Lloyds...I'm guessing you earned £22 an hr during the good old days , oh sorry £22.50 for emergencies LOL

However, I also gave up on Lloyds in 2010 and opened my own pharmacy..I did something about it...You still a LOCUM? :)

Mr Murdoch make an ethical stance????????? YOU TELL THAT TO THE LOCUMS WHO HAVE BEEN PLACED IN DANGEROUS CONDITIONS AT WORK, cancelled bookings, lacks of staff, lack of breaks etc etc!!
NAME ME ONE ARTICLE HE WROTE TO SUPPORT LOCUMS - HOT AIR - have u started early on the brussel sprouts..!!.

Ex Superintendent , Locum pharmacist

Interesting to see that you hide behind a pseudonym when posting such invective. very professional!


Caroline, sorry But I think your talking verbal diarrhoea. Having worked as a locum for lloyds, I can honestly say I wouldn't treat a dog the way locums are treated. Late payments, unsafe working environments, lack of breaks, prescription factories, cancelled booking with little or no notice period and list goes on.

How you can say he's a decent professional just beggers belief.

However if you happy with the above conditions, feel free to continue working for them

John Randell, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

the americans are here...its the purge before the storm...

Pharmacist Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Farewell and all the best Andy. You have done some good work. It is a loss to Lloyds Pharmacy.


Support your local independent pharmacies - !!!

Shakeel Haq, Locum pharmacist

Well said Del Boy!
Who cares about Andy Murdock and Lloyds???
Up the revolution!!!


Innovation and progress is being stifled by the control of entry saga.

Pharmacists should be allowed to open a Pharmacy and move the profession forward by offering new services, taking genuine pressure off GPs, and remunerated accordingly with a pay structure which takes into account the new responsibilites.

The population is ageing and the demand will rocket as NHS script numbers continue to increase by 2-3% per annum..this alone wil generate an extra 25 million items. This current framework of subsidising the contractors is just lining the pockets of a few to the detriment of many.


Yet again you speak the HAQ

Mark Hutton, Community pharmacist

Andy Murdock - true professional, brilliant Pharmacist and a leader who people have wanted to follow. A great loss to Celesio UK and to the Pharamacists who work for the Company. I have known Andy for many years from the Hills Pharmacy days and have observed his well deserved career progression and furthermore have met him at meetings in the Houses of Parliament where his wisdom is highly respected.
Whatever Andy decides to do I wish him well and hope that he still has a voice in Pharmacy somewhere. Mark Hutton

Amal England, Public Relations

I do not know Andy personally, but I am sure when he walks into his home he is a gentleman. Having worked for the company, I find it disgraceful to hear words like brilliant and professional utterly wasted on any director from any multiple, let lone one that works for a company that is run like a sham. Over the last couple of years there has been a rift among the board of directors at Lloyds and with the recent takeover, maybe he saw it as a good time to bailout. A true professional would have left the Lloyds board a few years ago. Andy has done well- in respect of helping Lloyds become more profitable than the year before. Profit comes before professionalism when you are a board member.

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