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Lloydspharmacy performance lifts Celesio profits

A strong performance from Lloydspharmacy, particularly an increase in services, boosted parent company Celesio’s profits in the first quarter of 2014

A strong performance from Lloydspharmacy, particularly an increase in services, boosted parent company Celesio's profits in the first quarter of 2014.

Hospital contracts and homecare services meant Lloydspharmacy made "a particularly positive contribution" to a 0.3 per cent increase in Celesio's revenue to £4.4 billion(€5.38bn) and 4.2 per cent increase in net profit to £35.1 million (€43.1m).

Lloydspharmacy's contributions "overcompensated for the negative effects of government measures", Celesio said in its quarterly report this week (May 12).

Lloydspharmacy's hospital contracts and homecare services helped boost parent company Celesio's net profit by 4.2 per cent

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The United States of Celesio

Celesio upbeat despite tough UK economic conditions

AAH also performed well in the UK, despite Celesio's overall wholesaling division reporting a 0.4 per cent fall in revenue. "British wholesale activities posted a significant increase in revenue following higher sales of generic drugs," the parent company said.

The company forecast even stronger growth from 2015 through "rapid realisation" of the European Pharmacy Network (EPN). The EPN model, which will be opened up to independents later this year, involves a shop refit and enhanced training for pharmacy staff on skincare and pain management.

How have the negative effects of government measures affected the financial performance of your pharmacy?

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G K, Community pharmacist

This company is so so so tight & mean....I worked for them... No petrol allowance - nothing! Hourly rate pathetic - yet they work you harder than any other pharmacy... Who are all these profits going to? Or are they expanding?
Also give ur locums a decent lunch break.... Not have staff stare at them and make them feel guilty when they do

Pharmacist Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

If only the staff at the forefront, on the front line, stood on their feet all day long, without a chair to rest their bum, especially the pharmacist who has to stuff his mouth with a cold sandwich during his so called lunch break, need to receive a large proportion of that £35.1million, but then again thats why slavery still exists

N C, Community pharmacist

Methinks AAH is not pulling its weight...

John Randell, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

these profits will never trickle down to the common pharmacist on the street

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Neither the taxes to the Government ;-)

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