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October concessionary prices updated

October concessionary prices pregabalin

The Department of Health and National Assembly for Wales have agreed further concessionary prices for the following items for October 2017 prescriptions.

tablets (30)
tablets (30)
tablets (30)
tablets (84)
capsules (84)

Initial concessionary prices for October were announced earlier in the month.

Are there any medicines you think should be on this list?

Laurence Tressler, Primary care pharmacist

Dear Community Pharmacy Colleagues

Can anyone explain to me what is actually behind the nightmare scenario we are struggling with at the moment in terms of stock shortages? As a practice pharmacist I spend considerable time explaining to GPs that it is not the fault of community pharmacists - the assumption in many practices being that community pharmacists are not trying hard enough to obtain stock and are not very forthcoming in terms of  availability of alternatives. However it appears to me that you are being kept in the dark, enjoying just as must grief as us and are probably thinking "Don't shoot the messenger". We are dealing with endless calls daily regarding this problem and it is not good PR for community pharmacy.

Allow me to share the rumours I keep being told and please tell me if there is any truth in any of them (but again please don't shoot the messenger).

1. The shortages are artificial and controlled by the two main wholesalers owned by Boots and Lloyds in an attempt to increase prices and boost profits.

2. There are no shortages but contractors won't buy drugs at prices higher than DT and wait until the DT price rises.

3. Generic suppliers seek deals with single wholesalers rather than all to get a better price but by doing so reduce access for some contractors.

4. It is the response by the multiples to CCG switching to branded generics.

5. The reduction in DT prices has made production of some items not cost-effective. 

6. Some generic suppliers will not supply to independents unless they pay a membership fee.

7. Demand has outstripped supply due to the forced closure of some suppliers.

8. Some generic companies are owned by proprietary manufacturers who create shortages of generics to boost prescribing of more costly products.

Any truth in any of these? If not what is the truth? Someone needs to recognise that patient care is being compromised as a result and I believe that the reputation of community pharmacy is being unfairly tarnished.


Dave Downham, Manager

1,4,6,7&8 for starters

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