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PharmaDoctor launches free migraine pharmacy package


PharmaDoctor has launched a free migraine service package, which includes an online consultation platform, a patient group direction (PGD) and marketing support.

The package, like its free weight-loss service, has the potential to generate thousands of pounds in additional revenue for pharmacies, PharmaDoctor claimed.

The free, 12-month PGD authorises pharmacists to privately dispense a range of triptans as well as the Aimovig injection, which is not yet available on prescription from GPs in England or Wales.

The platform guides pharmacists step-by-step through the consultation.

Patients can start their consultation online via the PharmaDoctor patient website, where they can record a diary of their migraines and find directions to their nearest pharmacy.

When the patient arrives at their pharmacy, the pharmacist can access their consultation notes and diary.

PharmaDoctor digital director Joaquim Pereira said: “The diary enables the patient to record details of their migraine episodes such as trigger factors, frequency, duration, intensity and impact."

PharmaDoctor will market the pharmacy service nationally with a digital campaign, it said.

To find out more about the free migraine service package, visit PharmaDoctor’s website

How often do you help patients with migraines?
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