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RPS backs government call for pharmacists to have flu vaccine

Practice The RPS is supporting the government’s call to increase uptake of the flu vaccine among frontline health and social care workers

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has backed the government's call for community pharmacists to be vaccinated against flu.  

RPS head of policy Heidi Wright said on Friday (September 26) that pharmacists working with patients should ensure they were vaccinated, in response to the government's call for "urgent support" to increase uptake among all frontline health and social care workers.  

The RPS had no way of knowing how many pharmacists had received the jab as they were not required to report it, Ms Wright told C+D. 

Pharmacists working with patients must ensure they are vaccinated against flu, said RPS head of policy Heidi Wright

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Vaccination coverage among healthcare workers had remained "disappointingly" low over the past few years and had reached only 46 per cent last year, according to a letter sent to healthcare workers, including community pharmacists, from the Department of Health (DH), Public Health England and NHS England last week (September 25).

Healthcare workers had a duty of care to their patients and had to do everything in their power to protect them from infection, it said.  

In its flu immunisation programme for 2013-14, published in August, the DH said that all employers needed to ensure vaccinations were available free of charge to employees if a risk assessment indicated they were needed.  

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt announced in September that the government would withhold a share of the £250 million A&E funding from NHS health trusts who did not get at least three quarters of their staff vaccinated.

Have you had the flu jab?

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Angela Burton, Community pharmacist

Lloydspharmacy are offering all their employees a free flu vaccination

MESUT OZIL, that due to the back lash of zero hour contracts............
or an early christmas present....

puppet on a string

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Makes sense from a strictly medical view to protect a high risk group such as frontline health workers from catching the flu to ensure that days taken off from flu related illness is minimised and productitivity is kept strong.

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

And who will pay for the vaccine? RPS or NHS? My guess is none but the poor Pharmacist, with ever reducing wages and may be have to take a day or two off due to the mild reactions to the vaccine.

Farmer Cyst, Community pharmacist

What's the point working in Pharmacy if you can't get the flu every now and again?!

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