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Scottish pharmacies to receive £2.6m funding increase for 2019-20

Scottish government: This settlement provides contractors with stability and predictablity
Scottish government: This settlement provides contractors with stability and predictability

Funding for Scottish pharmacies will increase by £2.6 million for the second year running, Community Pharmacy Scotland (CPS) has announced.

Under the latest funding settlement, the global sum will increase to £183.6m, CPS confirmed yesterday (April 24).

This is the second year running that pharmacy funding in Scotland has increased by £2.6m, following two years where the global sum stood at £178.4m.

The Scottish government said the latest settlement “delivers community pharmacy contractors and health boards continued stability and predictability established in previous years’ settlements”.

The "non-global sum" – which is dependent on factors such as margins – will remain unchanged from its current level of £1.3m, it confirmed.

Clawback rate rise

The generic clawback rate will rise from 1.5% to 6% to reflect the £18-20m accumulated in 2018-19, the government added.

CPS stressed that “should cashflow be negatively impacted through 2019-20, this 6% clawback rate could be adjusted or suspended to support the pharmacy network”.

Pharmacy First

As of April 1, Scotland’s “Pharmacy First” scheme – which includes treatment for urinary tract infections and impetigo – has been integrated with the national minor ailment service, and its £1.1m funding “will move into guaranteed remuneration for community pharmacy services”, CPS confirmed.

CPS: “Not quite what we wanted”

In a statement this afternoon (April 25), CPS chair Martin Green said: “We are not quite where we want to be with this negotiated financial package and I sincerely hope that we can continue to work with the Scottish government to resolve our one remaining difference.

“Nevertheless, this financial package has been negotiated during a time of significant political uncertainty and during a financially challenging period for all parties involved,” he added.

CPS “will continue to work on designing future services for patients, such as the extended minor ailment service which should be ready to roll out in April 2020”.

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Leon The Apothecary, Student

Question: If Brexit happens, and Scotland then proceeds to acquire independents, how is that going to affect...everything funded by the NHS?

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