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Hospital technician suspended for sexual assault

There was "no suggestion" Moazzum Ahmed had acted inappropriately towards patients, the GPhC said

Moazzum Ahmed, registration number 5025840, pushed his groin against a female train passenger, the General Pharmaceutical Council heard

A hospital pharmacy technician has been suspended from the register for eight months for his conviction for a sexual offence.

Moazzum Ahmed, registration number 5025840, “slowly and deliberately” pushed his groin against a female passenger on a London Underground train in June 2013, the General Pharmaceutical Council’s (GPhC) fitness-to-practise committee heard at a hearing that concluded on August 3.

The GPhC heard that Mr Ahmed was depressed at the time of the incident, and stressed that there was no "suggestion of improper conduct towards patients”.

But the committee said that the various versions of events that Mr Ahmed had alternated between suggested that he had “limited” insight into his actions.

Mr Ahmed was working as a pharmacy technician for the Moorfields Hospital NHS Trust in London when the incident occurred. As well as pushing his groin against the passenger, Mr Ahmed stood behind her so that the back of his hand was “brushing the back of her bare leg”, the GPhC heard.

He was subsequently removed from the train by a police officer, and was convicted of one offence of sexual assault in July 2013. He was ordered to pay a financial penalty, attend a sexual offenders treatment programme – which he completed later that year – and placed under the supervision of a probation officer for two years. 

In evidence he submitted to the GPhC this year, Mr Ahmed said he was suffering from depression before the incident, and had started to notice “women who dressed in very revealing clothes" as a means of distracting himself from the problems in his life. He recognised that his actions were “clearly very wrong” and said he had "learned from this indiscretion”.

The GPhC also noted that Mr Ahmed made a “very frank” admission of a similar incident that occurred around a year before.

"Partial version of events"

Mr Ahmed previously told the GPhC that he felt he was being charged with “something I didn’t really do". In a letter to the regulator in 2013 he denied pushing his groin into the woman, but said he could "not afford £10,000 legal fees to plead not guilty”

The regulator heard that Mr Ahmed only decided to admit the full offence to the magistrates' court two months after the incident, after he was shown CCTV footage. He also told a psychologist in 2014 that he had "been accused of more than actually occurred", the GPhC heard.

Mr Ahmed's differing version of events showed he was prepared to say whatever "suits his case", the GPhC said.

The regulator accepted that Mr Ahmed – who has since returned to work at the NHS trust – had shown “deep remorse” for his actions and expressed a wish to apologise to his victim. He had no prior disciplinary history, and the risk that he will commit a similar offence in future is "low", it said.

But the GPhC stressed Mr Ahmed had committed a “serious offence” that could “seriously undermine” public confidence in the profession. It ruled to suspend him for eight months, culminating in a review to determine whether he had completed his probation supervision and confirm there had been no further issues.

Read the full determination here.


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Phantom Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

I wore a kilt to a pharmacists ball one year in England, and 2 female pharmacists (1 a chief pharmacist for an NHS trust) thought it was perfectly fine to put their hands up my kilt to check to see if I was wearing underwear. What if I was to simply return the gesture, who then would find themself up infront of GPhC?

Pharmacist Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Totally agree with u. The rule has to be the same for all

Paul Miyagi, Information Technology

Ah Well. At least it was only his groin . Filthy git

Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

I don't think suffering depression would drive you to start feeling up anyone in 'revealing clothing' and you can't blame people how they dress as an excuse too.

A LOCUM, Community pharmacist

total poppycock when you think what the 'authorities' let jimmy saville et al seriously sexually abuse children for decades, one of my cheeky old dears smacked my bum last week as we joked on, think i will pop to police station now to get her on some register for life

Chris ., Community pharmacist

That was an old lady you know doing it cheekily, this is a young man rubbing his groin against and stroking the leg of someone he didn't know. Bit different.

Victim blaming much. eurgh.

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

The most amazing thing is that the NHS trust has taken him back. Incredible. Multiples have you out the door before you even have a chance to enter a plea.

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