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Helping patients manage and understand type 1 diabetes

Helping patients manage and understand type 1 diabetes

Patients should be advised to rotate their insulin injection site (usually in abdomen or thigh area)

From this module on helping patients manage and understand type 1 diabetes you will learn:

  • About patient education as a part of the treatment of type 1 diabetes, including explaining how it will affect their daily life
  • How patients can monitor their blood-glucose levels
  • Some of the issues you should be aware of when speaking with these patients, including fasting, driving, and foods labelled as ‘diabetic’

Download this module - this includes the 5 minute test - here.

Patient education

Comprehensive education about type 1 diabetes is essential at the time of diagnosis, to enable self-management of the condition. All patients should be given advice about accessing a programme of diabetes education, covering:

  • insulin therapy, including how it works, its mode of delivery and dosage adjustment
  • blood-glucose monitoring, including target

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