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When could medicine be to blame for sore throat?

When could medicine be to blame for sore throat?

From this unplanned CPD you will learn about:

  • Medicines that are associated with sore throat symptoms
  • Who is likely to be affected and when to refer patients to their doctor
  • Management and advice pharmacy staff can offer patients

Although medication may not be your first consideration as the cause of sore throat, especially during winter months when viruses are circulating, you should be vigilant when assessing this symptom.

Sore throat is a complaint that can be easily mistaken for a ‘minor ailment’. However, it can also be a significant side effect of immunosuppressant drugs. There are a number of medications that cause immunosuppression when used to treat a variety of conditions, such as autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases, as well as part of the care of organ transplant patients. Medications

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