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What is haematuria?

What is haematuria?


Haematuria is the term used to describe the presence of blood in urine. This is either frank (visible to the naked eye) or microscopic (when the urine will appear normal).

  1. Haematuria is common and can usually be ignored.
    True or false?
  2. Standard urine dipsticks are the best way of testing for blood.
    True or false?
  3. Infection may be the underlying cause of haematuria and excluding this initially is recommended.
    True or false?
  4. If associated with joint pain, rash or a fever, then malignancy is a likely cause.
    True or false?
  5. Urine may alsoappear red due to dietary influences.
    True or false?
  1. False: Haematuria may indicate an underlying serious condition such as a malignancy and requires investigating.
  2. True: This is as efficient as lab testing.
  3. True: Dysuria (pain when urinating),

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