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Salary survey: 3 in 4 employees struggle to deliver services

Sid Dajani: High workload due to unrealistic expectations of superintendents

The RPS's Sid Dajani says he "totally concurs" with this year's C+D Salary Survey findings, which show 75% of respondents struggle to find time to deliver services


Three quarters of employee pharmacists find it difficult to fit services around their dispensing workload, preliminary results from this year’s C+D Salary Survey have revealed.

Forty-five per cent of 815 respondents to the survey, which launched on October 16, said it is "not that easy" for them to find time to deliver services, with a further 30% saying this is "not at all easy". Only 15% said it is "easy".

Respondents also raised more general concerns about their workload, with 55% branding it "often" or "mostly unrealistic".

"Ridiculous paperwork"

Employee pharmacists highlighted "ridiculous paperwork", as well as increasing prescriptions and product sales "without an increase in staff hours", as factors contributing to their unachievable workload.

"How can a pharmacist manage to supervise dispensing and all the other extra services, and at the same time carry out CPD and staff training? There is no continuity due to fast turnover of staff," one pharmacist responded in the survey.

Contractor and Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) English pharmacy board member Sid Dajani told C+D he "totally concurs" with the findings.

"I would lay the blame at unrealistic superintendents, non-pharmacist store managers and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) negotiating unrealistic targets,” he added.

Pharmacists have until next Monday (December 7) to complete the C+D Salary Survey 2015.

How difficult do you find it to deliver services?

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Chemical Mistry, Information Technology

Everybody knows the money is in prescriptions the services are just add on I would rather provide a top prescription service rather then accost patients every year for Murs and nms the best way to lose customers if there was one. Does not matter what skill mix is everybody know these services are a waste of monies that should never been implemented and the PSNC will not reverse decision because in the austerity the monies will never be returned to the global sum so best to carry on with charade, since Sue is never wrong can never understand why the contractors never get rid of old sharpie there must somebody else who could a better job!

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

Mr Pierterson I applaud your honesty.

Chemical Mistry, Information Technology

Maybe I just the Xmas Grinch, Christmas is the season to be cheerful except pharmacy customers.

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

Mr Pierterson I applaud your honesty.

Stephen Eggleston, Community pharmacist

For the last 20 years, pharmacy has been having to do more for the same money or less, so nothing is new here. What is new is the range of services we can offer. My concern is almost all of these are required to be performed by the pharmacist, which makes getting the skill mix in the dispensary team so important. Flu vaccination, EHC, Emergency supply etc etc - all to be done alongside the clinical aspect of the job, as well as patient counselling & advice. Whether the MUR limit is 400 or 4000 is irrelevant. Some will provide the full quota, others will do none and the vast majority will be somewhere between the two - the only problem is which bit of money will they keep back from us in order to pay for it.

Paul Miyagi, Information Technology

Yes, that sums it up. people who don't work in pharmacy's or ever have making up the rules. Bloody ridiculous.

Jenny Etches, Community pharmacist

Is this a surprise to anyone? I'm fed up with 400 mURS being used as as a performance target rather than a cap. Each MUR should have value to the patient not be a tick box exercise. Ditto NMS. Deep sigh. 37 years in a profession that's increasingly becoming debased and devalued.

Michael Orchel, Pharmacist

Glad not to be on the front line anymore.

Stephen Eggleston, Community pharmacist

Hi Jenny - I sympathise with your frustration but, in reality, does each of us NOT have 400 meaningful conversations with patients every year? What makes it an MUR is the paperwork. Still, chin up and keep going - soon be Christmas :)

Jenny Etches, Community pharmacist

Thank you for the support. I have hundreds of meaningful conversations but they can't be measured by the sort of fiscal metrics that companies use. Long term it actually makes them money because trust cannot be bought with an MUR alone, it takes long term commitment. Then patients and customers will return time and again. And bring in more revenue than £28 if the bosses were actually able to work that out. But at the end of the day, making it about the money can never be the focus

Paul Miyagi, Information Technology

Get out jenny. I did. Its dangerous for patients and unrealistic working conditions!!!

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

More work, less money. No thank you. Vote with your feet wherever possible.

Farm Assistant, Community pharmacist

I read somewhere that some idiot wants to raise the mur number. Now I bet he has never done one in his life.

Harry Tolly, Pharmacist

Now I wonder which idiot at the PSNC negotiates these numbers for MURs etc ?

Bal Singh, Locum pharmacist

No, feel free to raise the MUR cap. I'm happy with that. But are YOU happy with companies expecting them to be done, at 400 per year, regardless of them being appropriate?

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

Of course the majority of MURs are inappropriate. If they were of such importance there'd be no need for the cap. Simply pay for each one. Laughable. Just make sure your indemnity insurance is up to date as you never know when these companies will hang you out to dry. In the main they're unprofessional and have no scruples.

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