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Five-year NHS strategy only mentions pharmacy twice

The strategy also references the role of pharmacists in GP practices

NHS England plans to “support community pharmacy reform”, according to the document, but does not specify what that will involve

NHS England has released a plan to transform care over the next five years that only mentions pharmacists twice.

The Delivering the Forward View document, released yesterday (December 22), makes reference to the role of pharmacists in GP practices and improving primary care productivity by “supporting community pharmacy reform”.

But there is no mention of what the reform will entail in the document, designed to help the NHS achieve the goals set out in last year's Five Year Forward View.

The original document outlined a vision for pharmacists to form large-scale primary care practices with GPs and pledged to make “far greater use” of the profession.

This week's update stresses the importance of “balancing” the NHS budget in realising the plans, which aim to give 20% of the population “enhanced access” to primary care by March 2017. They also include improving access to primary care at weekends and evenings.

But it makes no mention of using community pharmacies to achieve this vision.

The document makes 13 references to GPs and three to nurses.

In June, NHS England’s deputy chief pharmaceutical officer Bruce Warner told C+D that pharmacy has a “huge role to play” in NHS England’s plans for the future.


What do you make of the strategy document?

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Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

'Supporting community pharmacy reform'.......what will be a shame if small community pharmacies in rural settings and deprived inner city areas disappear as have post offices and other local community services. These sites are where community pharmacy makes a significant contribution offering services such as face to face advice on medicines, minor illness, substance misuse and health promotion to the local health economy. The past ten to fifteen years have been a missed opportunity to develop meaningful and tangible services and partnerships. Well too late for me just marking time ,,,,,,,

Waqas Ahmed, Locum pharmacist

They need to recognise and make the most out of the services community pharmacies can offer!

Paul Miyagi, Information Technology

Oh come on Harry, just say it. Boots Boots Boots, and friends. No wonder government cut pharmacy, what about Stefano Pessina's £1.1 billion tax cop out / Opt out, whatever you want to call it. Government probably think we're all like him.

Simon MEDLEY, Community pharmacist

1.1 billion and 40 % of their profits come from nhs so ( so i read ). That means 440 million pounds of tax on nhs profits have been dodged.... that would pay for a couple of years of '' efficiency''. Thanks for that Boots

John James, Pharmacist

Reform- aka hub and spoke. The agenda is clear from the lack of action taken against P2U.

Harry Tolly, Pharmacist

Its essential that money is not wasted on off shore non UK taxpaying corporations bleeding the pharmacy budget dry (and not paying their fair share of UK tax). The redistribution of the pharmacy budget should take the form of direct contracts with individual pharmacists or groups of pharmacists working with GP's to provide local healthcare and pay local UK taxes. A win win all around.

Bal Singh, Locum pharmacist

Trouble is that the independents suffer more than the multiples, who have larger counter sales and profit to turn to when cuts come into effect. Baby with the bath water effect? The fatter babies wont be as affected.

Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

"“supporting community pharmacy reform”." i would have thought that was obvious - they will cut the budget to get the cost down and make us work for less that is the only reform they care about. and we have gutless representatives and largely non professional ownership who dont give a stuff cos they pass on any cuts down the chain to the workforce while maintaining or increasing their profits

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