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C+D unveils new bloggers to chronicle the pharmacy experience

One new C+D blogger will be unveiled each day this week

C+D has unveiled a new generation of bloggers to report from the different corners of pharmacy.

The anonymous writers – of whom the first five are being revealed today (see below) – will shed light on different aspects of pharmacy in 2018.

Hear tales from the aisles of a supermarket pharmacy and what really goes on at a GP surgery, or follow a student pharmacist as she contemplates the career paths that lie ahead.

Look to The 'Non-clinical' Pharmacist for musings of the community sector and hear the ups and downs of life as a pharmacy owner from C+D’s newest resident contractor, Sally Butamol.

Deputy editor Lilian Anekwe said: “From the Area Manager to Xrayser’s much-loved columns, anonymous writers have a rich heritage at C+D.

“We’re excited to bring this legacy from C+D’s print history back to the fore online, and call on our readers to suggest topics for this new roster of writers to tackle.”

Meet five of C+D’s new bloggers below:

The Supermarket Pharmacist

The pharmacy manager at a well-known supermarket chain, expect him to always be forthright with his opinions – whether it’s running a 100-hour pharmacy with skeleton staff or fending off head office.

The Student Pharmacist

The Student Pharmacist sees the profession through fresh and enthusiastic eyes – maybe we can all take a leaf out of her book.

The GP Pharmacist

A pharmacist trying to find her identity as she navigates her way through the primary care network.

The ‘Non-clinical’ Pharmacist

He may be close to retirement, but his employer keeps asking him to work one more shift. Many readers will be able to relate to The 'Non-clinical' Pharmacists' tales of juggling daily pharmacy duties with delivering ever-more services.

Sally Butamol

A Scottish contractor who works all hours chasing stock shortages, fending off online competitors and keeping commissioners on her side – while trying to keep herself and her staff sane. 

C+D will be introducing one new blogger each day this week. Today it’s The Supermarket Pharmacist – find out why he has a love-hate relationship with the flu vaccination service.

What would you like C+D's new bloggers to write about?

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Sally must be an indie. That's the only reason she'd ever open the Tariff

Ben Merriman, Community pharmacist

Sally's my favourite.  She's holding "The Good Book"...

Industry Pharmacist, Director

Shame they haven’t included a consultant hospital pharmacist, industry pharmacist, academic pharmacist etc... only the standard pharmacists. Just to name a few ‘interesting’ and ‘uncommon’ tales I’d like to hear



James Waldron, Editorial

There are more new bloggers to come this month, so watch this space...

James Waldron, C+D Editor

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

I hope that they will give a true-to-life account of what life is like at the coalface for the vast majority of the pharmacy profession. The first blog from the supermarket pharmacist is already pointing in the right direction. Interested to see why the student chose pharmacy. She obviously hasn't read some of the comments and advice that have been left on articles here.

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Or she has and has decided against them. It will certainly be interesting to see how her career develops over time.

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