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Just two Lloydspharmacy branches FMD compliant following IT issues

Lloydspharmacy: We are confident the IT issues are now resolved
Lloydspharmacy: We are confident the IT issues are now resolved

Two Lloydspharmacies are now compliant with the EU’s medicines scanning law this morning – more than a month after the deadline – following IT issues at the multiple.

The EU’s anti-counterfeit legislation, the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) – which requires all pharmacies to be able to scan barcodes on medicines packaging at the point of dispensing – came into force on February 9.

Lloydspharmacy told C+D that following “some IT issues”, which were affecting FMD systems across all its branches, two pharmacies became compliant this morning (March 21).

It did not explain what the IT issues were, but said that other Lloydspharmacy systems were not affected.

The multiple is “confident the IT issues have been resolved” and will continue with its “robust rollout plan”, it told C+D.

FMD equipment is still being delivered to its branches, and feedback from its pharmacies which have participated in its FMD pilot will inform the multiple’s ongoing plans, it reiterated this morning.

The multiple had previously warned the General Pharmaceutical Council that not all of its pharmacies would be compliant by the February 9 deadline.

How did the first month of the FMD go for your pharmacy?

Hemal shah, Information Technology

*This comment has been deleted for breaching C+D's community principles*

Honest- Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

is this another ploy to be in the headlines again? When was Lloyds last in an article on this website in a positive light? If its not about closures its bonus payment errors, if not that then about how behind they are on Fmd... think its time to shut shop altogether. Its the headline many await. 

RS Pharmacist, Primary care pharmacist

What a joke! The Lloyds branches are non-compliant but yet AAH are offering FMD solutions for £30/month.

A.S. Singh, Community pharmacist

best thing I've heard all day

Joan Richardson, Locum pharmacist

I've yet to work somewhere that is compliant!

Leon The Apothecary, Student

On a side note, who here actually likes using Compass?

Aldosterone antagonist, Locum pharmacist

Compass is awful, even pharmacy manager (lloyds in sainsburys) is slightly better and makes more logical sense to use.

Leon The Apothecary, Student

I have to agree completely with you there, it's so unfriendly to use, lacks loads of modern features, is a massive pain to change anything (I had to change a label once, I never want to do that again), has loads of known bugs, and hides loads of its shortcuts so you just have to know them or not use them.

They were supposed to change over to Pharmacy Manager at the end of the year apparently. I rate Pharmacy Manager a lot higher, although personally I think ProScript Connect outshines all overs with Nexphase somewhere in the middle.

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