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Lloyds branch under internal investigation for pharmacy closure sign

Lloydspharmacy Crighton Place, Edinburgh (Credit: The Local Data Company)
The Lloydspharmacy branch displayed the hand-written sign in the window last month (Credit: The Local Data Company)

A Lloydspharmacy is under investigation for closing due to “unforeseen staffing circumstances” and failing to direct patients elsewhere, the multiple has said.

The Edinburgh branch – in Crighton Place – had a sign in its window last month (February 17), notifying customers that it had closed for parts of the day “due to a lack of organisation from our head office”.

The sign (pictured below) also advised customers to call Lloydspharmacy's head office “if [they] would like to make a complaint”.

Lloydspharmacy area manager David Padkin told C+D on Monday (March 5) the branch “is subject to an internal investigation”, after failing to follow the multiple’s procedures.

“When any of our pharmacies are unable to provide pharmaceutical services due to unforeseen staffing circumstances, we have a process whereby our teams seek support through various channels – their line manager, area manager, cluster team and superintendent's office,” he explained.

“In the regrettable situation where a pharmacy is unable to provide pharmaceutical services and has to close, our process includes signposting patients to the nearest pharmacy or to their GP.

“On this occasion, our process was not followed,” he added.

The multiple is taking “the matter very seriously” and is “very sorry that patients and customers have been inconvenienced”, Mr Padkin stressed.

The Crighton Place branch declined to comment when C+D contacted them.

Are staffing levels adequate in your pharmacy?

Graham Pharmacist, Senior Management

Correct. That's obviously just his personal opinion and not a statement of any kind of fact.

Every UK pharmacist must read this:

Ilove Pharmacy, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

Perhaps Rudkin could look into this incident at Boots. The Editor and his award winning team have been so busy they missed it. Both Waldron and Grace seem to know nothing of it which I find baffling given that there have been recent articles on dispensing errors and work practices......

Adam Hall, Community pharmacist

To be fair, confusing Amitrip with Amlodipine is highlighted as a common issue (not just to Boots). According to the report, the branch was fully staffed but it was in the week before Christmas, when everyone gets a big increase in demand. I would expect anyone to be a bit "frazzled" at that time of year - just take a look at M&S in the week before Chrimbo!

Ilove Pharmacy, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

Either way Waldron didn't view it as important enough to be included in the C&D given the current climate. Strange to say the least.

Graham Pharmacist, Senior Management

Gentlemen, you should be aware that both Mr Waldron and his young lady Grace are not pharmacists. They cannot know everything.

Maria Uba, Primary Care Nurse

I don't see what being a phamacist has to do with it to be honest. The editor of The Times is not a specialist in biological weapons or terrorism but they still reported the Russian who was poisoned with nerve gas

Mohammed Patel, Community pharmacist


People can see what is going on. Nobody wants to work under these conditions for a pittance and the head office are useless! But the staffing is so scant that when someone is ill, the branch has to close during the working day.

*This comment has been edited to comply with C+D's community principles*

Far too much pressure is placed on store managers with little or no support. I cannot recall how many times I have been told "I will get back to you on that" only to hear nothing. EVER. Nothing at all. A complete lack of respect from your own boss.

I can't decide whether it's the customers or the staff who are getting the shortest shrift in this debacle, but I know one thing. The GPhC probably won't do anything except sanction the poor pharmacist. Absolutely disgraceful.


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