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LPC invites health secretary Matt Hancock to visit pharmacy

Suffolk LPC: We hope Mr Hancock will have more time to visit a pharmacy in his new role
Suffolk LPC: We hope Mr Hancock will have more time to visit a pharmacy in his new role

Suffolk local pharmaceutical committee (LPC) has extended an “open invitation” to the new health secretary Matt Hancock to visit a pharmacy in his constituency.

Suffolk LPC has been in contact with Mr Hancock – who was appointed secretary of state for health and social care on Monday (July 9) –  “on several previous occasions”, but he has not yet been able to visit a pharmacy “due to his extensive ministerial duties as secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport”, the LPC told C+D.

“We are hoping with this change in role he will be able to meet with us in the near future,” Suffolk LPC chief executive Tania Farrow added.

The LPC has already offered to meet with the new health secretary “to discuss the huge potential that community pharmacy has for supporting health and care priorities”, Ms Farrow said.

“This included an open invitation to visit a pharmacy in his West Suffolk constituency.”


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Jeff Jobs, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Yet another nail in the coffin for pharmacy. Surely there mustn't be any space left on the coffin for more nails.



Peter Sainsburys, Community pharmacist

If he can actually be bothered to visit a pharmacy I will eat my hat.

Another Pharmacist, Hospital pharmacist


Remote supervision is gonna be next on the agenda. If he thinks we can replace GPs then I don’t think he’s gonna give two hoots about community pharmacy.

Sadrudin Mithani, Community pharmacist

i think i have made enough comments

Sadrudin Mithani, Community pharmacist

ok thats fine

Sadrudin Mithani, Community pharmacist


Sadrudin Mithani, Community pharmacist

pharmacy is very important


Sadrudin Mithani, Community pharmacist

independent pharmacy is vital for old people and mothers etc

Sadrudin Mithani, Community pharmacist

we need more money as community indpendent is vital for local and rates are rising and pharmacists income is going down.this senario is no good high strees etc.

Jeff Jobs, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Is community pharmacy vital? Surely that's for patients to decide. The fact that p2u are doing more prescriptions than ever further highlights that all patients want are prescriptions dispensing.

Community pharmacy has just been whittled down to a supply and distribution model. Let's not kid ourselves by claiming we do 'extra services'.

Firstly, where's the money for extra services compared to sticking labels on boxes and secondly, patients don't care or want the services, which they will just go their GP for. 

This 1950s model of healthcare is being done away with. No other healthcare professional is immune from it - just look at GPs too with the pleathora of 'FaceTime your GP' apps available.

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee - community pharmacy as we know it is into its last decade (at best).

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