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NHS England clarifies its ambition for reimbursement 'efficiencies'

NHS England: The sector continues to flag shortcomings in the reimbursement system
NHS England: The sector continues to flag shortcomings in the reimbursement system

NHS England’s pledge to find efficiencies in community pharmacy’s reimbursement system is a response to concerns raised by the sector, it has told C+D.

In its long-awaited long-term plan, published on Monday (January 7), NHS England said it aim­­s to “explore further efficiencies” in community pharmacy, by reforming the sector's “reimbursement and wider supply arrangements”.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society English board chair Sandra Gidley told C+D at the time that the “big concern” regarding what these efficiencies could mean in practice “must be sending a chill through every community pharmacist”, while the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee said it “did not yet know the government’s view on ‘further efficiencies’”.

NHS England has since explained to C+D that the sector continues to raise concerns about the way the pharmacy reimbursement system operates.

The commissioning body will work with the Department of Health and Social Care to identify improvements and make the system as efficient as possible, it said.

What do you make of NHS England's explanation?

mark straughton, Pharmaceutical Adviser

All this is obvious and more to come unfortunately. Can anyone honestly argue, on behalf of the taxpayer, why so much money should be allocated to a reimbursement system which can be subject to much improvement?

Lucky Ex-Boots Slave, Primary care pharmacist

More efficiencies = More funding cuts

End of clarification.

Farhat Ahmed, Locum pharmacist

Hi James, Thank you for the response, I must have missed the circular, from whatever representatove body  asked for the efficiencies, requesting my opininon on the matter. Would you have a copy of the circular, if not could you just print the efficiencies that the pharmacy sector have requested. By the way which sector put in the request: community, industry, hospital, GP pharmacists or students, any idea?


Paul Samuels, Community pharmacist

Who or what is the "commissioning body"???.Why do we not push to have representation on any "commissioning body",after all we should have some say in our future?

It strikes this old disbeliever that it is a way of extracting more for less.

Maybe my views are jaundiced by being in the profession too long!


N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

We had asked for EFFICIENCIES in regular and proper funding not CUTS!!!!!!

Daniel McNulty, Superintendent Pharmacist

We're getting 'further efficiencies' because we asked?

Don't remember getting anything else we asked for. 

Farhat Ahmed, Locum pharmacist

Dear Isabel. Can you please clarify how the title of this article relates to the content of the article, where have you detailed in the above article the clarification that has been provided by NHS England.

James Waldron, Editorial

Hi Farhat,

NHS England has clarified that the "efficiencies" it referred to have been requested by the pharmacy sector itself, and are therefore not a warning of further funding cuts, as had been speculated earlier in the week.

Kind regards,

James Waldron, C+D editor

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

"" requested by the pharmacy sector itself""

Mr. Waldron, is there any chance the NHSE can elaborate on this phrase, as in PSNC/ CCA/ NPA or any other representative body that they are referring to as THE SECTOR ?? or any other definition they can give for what are the components of the so called THE SECTOR ?? Please

Paul Guest, Manager

Must be the same 'industry insider' that caused the cuts in the first place.

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