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NPA: Brexit could be opportunity to reverse funding cuts

NPA wrote to David Cameron in the wake of the Brexit referendum

A fresh batch of paper petitions delivered to the government brings the total number up to two million

The government confusion following Brexit could be an opportunity to reverse the planned cuts to pharmacy funding, the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has suggested.

The “current circumstances within the government” could be the right time for the Department of Health (DH) to “reconsider” its plans to cut pharmacy funding in England by £170 million in October, the NPA said.

It made its case in a covering letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, who will step down in September.

200,000 more petitions delivered

The letter was timed to coincide with the delivery of a new batch of 200,000 paper petitions protesting about the cuts, which brings the total number delivered to the government to a “resounding two million”, the NPA added.

The government’s consultation on its pharmacy funding plans ended on May 24, and the NPA said it expects the DH’s official response to the consultation “within weeks”.

“Decisions taken in the next few weeks could have irreversible consequences for patients and communities up and down the country,” the NPA stressed.

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Brian Austen, Senior Management

NHS England has just UNDERSPENT a total of £599.4 million, which will now be lost to the NHS and used to reduce the overall public sector deficit. This and the fact that the NHS will receive an extra £100 million a week, post Brexit and that the chancellor no longer is aiming for a balance of payments surplus by 2020 means that a reversal is logical and afordable and will maintain public health.

Dave Downham, Manager

Thought it was £350m a week?

Pill Counter, Pharmacy

I wonder if the NPA are also interested in reversing workplace conditions too?

Pill Counter, Pharmacy

Hmmmm I thought not.

b t, Manager

I think we need to consider the role of Keith Ridge in respect of the cuts. Ministers come and go but jobsworths with gilt edged pensions at the DoH are the REAL culprits in respect of the proposed cuts AND more importantly HOW and ON WHO they would fall.

Ebers Papyrus, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Spot on. Completely unaccountable, that said how accountable are PSNC?

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