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Pharmacy2U to use 50 Morrisons sites for COVID-19 vaccinations

Three of the Pharmacy2U-managed vaccination sites are due to go live next week
Three of the Pharmacy2U-managed vaccination sites are due to go live next week

Pharmacy2U will use 50 Morrisons supermarket car parks to administer COVID-19 vaccinations, C+D has learned.

The first pharmacies approved to deliver the local enhanced service (LES) COVID-19 vaccination programme will begin administering vaccines from January 11, NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) confirmed in a letter dated December 28.

However, the number and location of the approved sites are still being finalised, NHSE&I told C+D yesterday (January 5).

When asked by C+D if and how Morrisons pharmacies are planning to be involved in the vaccination programme, a spokesperson said: “Pharmacy2U will be using some of our sites to deliver the vaccines.”

Several news outlets have reported that up to 50 Morrisons supermarket car parks will be used as COVID-19 vaccination points, with Pharmacy2U managing the service.

Three sites, in Wakefield, Winsford and Yeovil, are expected to go live next week* – subject to approval from NHSE&I – with another 47 “offered up” should they be required and depending on the availability of the vaccine, Morrisons’ chief executive David Potts told The Yorkshire Post.

Morrisons’ assets will be “at the disposal of the country”, Mr Potts added.

Pharmacy2U declined to comment when contacted by C+D.

*This article was updated on January 7 at the request of Morrisons

How are you/your pharmacy involved in the COVID-19 vaccination programme?

Meeand Depharma, Student

Interesting views here

John Ellis, Community pharmacist

This reeks of corruption.

Simon Clark, Community pharmacist

I'll believe this when I see it

Farmer Cyst, Community pharmacist

Arrgghhh why are we letting this sh*tbox operation anywhere near patients?

Stuart Graham, Community pharmacist

Once again Keith Ridge shows he has zero interest in real community pharmacy . Maybe his title should be Chief Corporate Pharmaceutical officer at NHS England.


Kav Singh, Community pharmacist

We should be proud of how well we have managed our patients during this pandemic. The problem is Keith Ridge he is so anti community pharmacy, I feel he goes out his way to divert anything where we can make a real difference away from the sector. 11000 comunity pharmacies makes my blood boil that we are not one of the first on the team sheet.

A.S. Singh, Community pharmacist

This is a joke, lots of pharmacies have applied to do this but how come P2U get a massive contract first?


This whole situation is a big stuff yourselves from the NHS to community pharmacy. We should have been consulted at the same time as the GPs for the good of getting the country back to normal again.

Martin MOLYNEUX, Community pharmacist

Is this a publicity stunt or is this for real ??? " If you turn up in the car park and stick your arm out somebody will stick a needle in it " this really in the P2U/Morrisons SOP/LES spec ??

Somebody please tell me this is not happening !

On Break, Community pharmacist

Not somebody. P2U have automated vaccinations. It all happens at the self service till in morrisons. No people involved. It's the future

Anil Chopra, Community pharmacist

Wake up Independent community Pharmacist contractors!

Sunil Patel, Pharmacy owner/ Proprietor

What can independents do when NPA, the body that is paid to represent independents is useless!


Dodo pharmacist, Community pharmacist

So this looks like a total stitch up between NHS England and Pharmacy2u. DSPs are not supposed to have any patient contact are they? Meanwhile many other pharmacies who applied to do Covid vaccines have not been contracted. Something stinks massively here.

Oliver Staunton, Information Technology

Not true, DSPs are not allowed to have patient contact for essential services such as dispensing. They can still provide advanced and enhanced services, and according to the PharmData website, Pharmacy2u even did an MUR once :) but all DSPs can do flu vaccinations if they want to, for example.

N P, Community pharmacist

Yes, the stink is floating right to the top to those MPs who have a vested interest in the online pharmacies 

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