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PSNC chief: 'Trust barriers' remain in pharmacy funding negotiations

Funding negotiations for the 2019-20 pharmacy contract officially began last month
Funding negotiations for the 2019-20 pharmacy contract officially began last month

There are still likely to be some barriers to trust from both pharmacy and the government as contract negotiations begin, PSNC’s chief executive Simon Dukes has warned.

The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) has spent the past year “rebuilding constructive relationships” with the Department of Health and Social Care (DH) and NHS England. However, “pharmacy is not starting on the front foot” in the ongoing funding talks, chief executive Simon Dukes has told C+D.

Negotiations for the 2019-20 pharmacy contract officially began last month, with the future of the medicines use review service, the healthy living pharmacy programme and the possibility of a national minor ailments service all to be discussed.

“These negotiations will be the first big test of just how much repair there is still left to do,” Mr Dukes said.

Mr Dukes is “determined that whatever the final outcome of these negotiations may be, we will have taken pharmacy forwards in rebuilding its working relationship” with the DH and NHS England, he added.

Read Mr Dukes’ exclusive blog for C+D on the big items up for discussion in ongoing funding talks.

What are you hoping to see from the new pharmacy contract?

H.N. BURDESS, Community pharmacist

Approximately  90%  of respondents voted for the new contract in 2005. Unfortunately they signed a blank sheet of paper - not good legal practice! The old contract was simpler and gave more control to the individual . Instead , control is in the hands of  NHS managers, the GPhC  and the public.


Chemical Mistry, Information Technology

Ask them for the name of insider before any negotiations started 

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Forget the funding negotiation, 'Trust barriers' remain between the Pharmacies and PSNC. First sort this out then automatically you will be able to put your foot down and ask for what the sector needs.

Stephen Walsh, Community pharmacist

How can we ever trust the DoH again after the cuts, especially under this Government ? The information they used was dodgy at best, the assumptions made flawed, the intention is to close many of us down. Hardly a position that brings trust.  

PARESH shah, Community pharmacist

PSNC. We have given up 300 million pounds. What have we got in return ? Start your discussion there. Thank you.. And please NO imposition of a contract without our say into it.

Eddy Lau, Superintendent Pharmacist

All we want is a fair contract, we get pay for the services that we provide full stop! The problem is DoH is not thinking the same and PSNC is not on our side.

Peter Smith, Student

Pharmacists in the UK have a habit of just nodding and taking it on the chin when extra work is demanded for no extra pay (or even a pay cut). You can't blame the DoH for continuously coming back to the gift that keeps on giving.

After pharmacists accepted MURs in 2005 for the illusion of "extra pay" when other payments were cut to fund it, the DoH realised that they were dealing with a bunch of mugs, so pushed it as far as they could, and you can't blame them. Doctors would never have taken that kind of stuff lying down.

Short of building a time machine to go back to pre-mur times and preventing their inception, I don't see what can be done to stop the rot now. Maybe abolishing all the fake pharmacy roles, organisations, and the inept regulator, and replacing them with something that actually works? Well, that will never happen, at least not in my lifetime!

Search for "gphc" and "incompetent" and see what comes up. As an intelligent UK pharmacist, you'd do well to consider the GPhC and the heads of the major multiples to be one and the same. Plenty to read on the internet about this.

Kav Singh, Community pharmacist

You can tell Dukes has political ambition. Hes going to sell us out. Never thought i would ever be saying....bring back Sue. 

N patel , Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

Do I trust DoH :NOOOO,,,, do i trust the psnc to deliver a contract that pays us a fair renumeration>>>>>>>NOOOOO... Been screwed by both a lot in the past to even walk in a straight line


Peter Smith, Student

I agree - I would love to see some evidence of what the PSNC are claiming to have done. They've been getting their salaries for a year and are still basically saying not to expect anything at all, what exactly is the point of the PSNC again?

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