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PSNC unveils tool to spot prescription pricing problems

The Check34 tool allows contractors to compare their prescription data against regional averages

All NPA members will have free access to the tool to compare their prescription data with local pharmacies by August, says PSNC

PSNC has unveiled an online tool that will allow independent contractors to analyse their prescription data for the first time.

The Check34 tool would allow pharmacies to easily spot dispensing trends and anomalies in the monthly pricing data they receive from the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA), PSNC said today (April 23).

The NPA has already secured a deal to allow its members free access to the tool for at least 12 months. PSNC said the NPA planned to “fast-track” members onto the service from May with the aim of having all members subscribed by autumn.

The NPA would also manage subscription requests from non-NPA members, who would need to pay an annual fee of £144, PSNC said.

Rather than the paper copy or pdf of their prescribing data that contractors receive from the NHS BSA, subscribers will be able to view graphics on a range of monthly data from their pharmacy, including average item values, working hours, incorrectly filed prescriptions and completed MURs. Data would be graded by a “traffic light system” to help contractors identify any unusual figures, PSNC said.

This would allow pharmacies to check whether they had been correctly remunerated, and offered “the sort of prescription data analysis which has only been available to large companies with substantial IT resources”, PSNC said.

Contractors would able to review up to 24 months-worth of historical data, and compare this with their other branches, the national average or anonymous results from pharmacies in their area, the negotiator said.

"A valuable insight"

Mark Burdon, chair of PSNC’s resource, development and finance subcommittee, said the tool would give pharmacists  a “valuable insight” into their business by allowing them to “benchmark their performance” against others.

Check34 project manager Patrick Grice said the tool “turns NHS payments data into real business knowledge”. “For many independents and smaller businesses, this may be the first opportunity they have to analyse and interpret their data in a such a useful way,” he added.

NPA members should visit for more information, while non-NPA members can contact [email protected] or call Katie Smith on 01727 858 687. CCA members can email [email protected] or contact the PSNC office on 0203 1220 820.


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Brian Austen, Senior Management

It would be good to have the option of trying it out first because contractors might not be so keen on it as PSNC. I suspect it is only free for first year by the way this post has been worded.

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