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Superdrug launches at-home UTI test after 38% rise in treatment demand

Superdrug's TestCard at-home UTI kit
Superdrug's TestCard at-home UTI kit

Superdrug has launched an at-home urinary tract infection (UTI) test and treat kit after noticing a 38% increase in demand for treatment in the past six weeks.

The multiple said the launch of the self-administered treatment service was “in direct response” to the increase in demand during the latest nationwide lockdown, suggesting that cases are on the rise.

The TestCard kit, available via its online store for £9.99 or £32.99 with treatment, includes two testing strips to be used in conjunction with a free app, which Superdrug claims turns a smartphone into a clinical-grade scanner.

It is “proven to be just as reliable as the professional dipstick-reading services used in hospitals and GP surgeries”, Superdrug claimed.

If the patient is presented with a result that is a “Possible UTI” or “High possibility UTI” there is a redirect button to the Superdrug online doctor website, where the patient can then follow the normal questionnaire for UTI treatment. A Superdrug doctor will then request a picture of the test result so they can provide suitable treatment, the multiple explained.

According to the website, treatment could include over-the-counter products or a course of antibiotics – MacroBid® – which Superdrug’s online doctor team will determine should be prescribed or not.

Michael Henry, Superdrug’s healthcare director, commented that the UTI test and treat service would be “accessible and convenient” for the patient and would ease pressure on healthcare services at a time “when the NHS is as stretched as it is”.

Andrew Botham, co-founder and chief scientific officer at TestCard, said: “TestCard’s aim is to make testing fast, accurate, and accessible for all. There’s no medical jargon or complicated numbers.”

Have you seen an increase in UTI complaints in recent weeks?
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