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Revealed: Theresa May visited pharmacy during leadership bid

Theresa May with Kent contractor Olivier Picard (right) and pharmacy manager David Ostrowski (left)

Theresa May visited a community pharmacy in her Maidenhead constituency while out campaigning to become Prime Minister, C+D has learned.

Ms May, who was appointed Prime Minister on July 13, visited Newdays Pharmacy four days previously, to discuss the proposed £170 million pharmacy funding cuts, the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) told C+D.

Newdays Pharmacy owner Olivier Picard told Ms May about the range of services the pharmacy offers and said the visit showed the Prime Minister “cares for local pharmacies", according to the NPA.

The NPA said Mr Picard told them: “[Ms May] won’t let us down.”

Mr Picard is also reported to have said: “She understands that pharmacies are part of the fabric of community life and will not simply wave through proposals to cut local pharmacies in favour of online alternatives."

Today (July 21) is the last day the government can announce the details of the funding cuts before the summer recess.

How have you engaged with your local MP?

Bindu Bhatt, Superintendent Pharmacist

As Luke Johnson( Chairman of Risk Capital Management) wrote in an Article in The Sunday Times, that Words are Words, Explanations are Explanations and Promises are Promises.  Only Performance is actual.  Mrs May has proved to have the right sound bytes, but her actions will speak louder than her words and promises.  In allowing Jeremy Hunt to continue as Health Secretary, her actions are contrary to what her words are syaing.

Graham Morris, Design

Wish I had a pound for every past article about politicians visiting a pharmacy. Talk about raising hopes and then letting the profession down!

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Recent events have taught me to be highly sceptical of anything a politician says. Ms May can prove herself through her actions. At the moment, if what she says is truthful in this article, then that puts her at odds with her Health Secretary, one she has chosen herself.

Dilip Shah, Community pharmacist

Excellent News.

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