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All Lloydspharmacy branches to receive new dispensing system next year

Toby Anderson revealed the plan in an exclusive interview with C+D
Toby Anderson revealed the plan in an exclusive interview with C+D

All Lloydspharmacy branches will receive a “state of the art” dispensing system next year, its CEO has told C+D.

The dispensing system used in its branches has not changed for 20 years, Toby Anderson, CEO of Lloydspharmacy’s parent company McKesson UK, told C+D in an exclusive interview in August.

The new system, which will be rolled out to every UK branch in 2020, will “make a real difference for pharmacists”, Mr Anderson said.

While the multiple would not give more details of how the system will work in practice, it told C+D this investment “will help improve the pharmacy experience”.

It is “excited” to share more details with Lloydspharmacy teams “in the next few months”, it added.

Read what other plans Mr Anderson has for the UK’s second largest pharmacy chain in C+D’s exclusive interview

What do you think of Mr Anderson's announcement?

Eve Dunn, Pharmacy Asistant/ Medicine Counter Assistant

A year later, still operating on a software that came out in the early 2000's. It's a good day if the compass system doesn't crash at least 3 times a day. Slow system making both my colleagues and patients life slow and difficult, the pharmacist is running around all day in a frenzied manner trying to fulfill not only her demanding role as manager, but also doing the dispenser's job's n attempt to help us keep up to date with everything. Customers resent us and believe we are lazy but they don't understand the system we are having to deal with. Terrible management from higher up pushing down on to the people at the bottom. Yet we are the ones taking clout from the public. 

Sher Khan, Locum pharmacist

Compass was bad from day 1!! Especially when EPS2 kicked off! .... everyone knows how bad PSA was!! Let’s hope they can stick to a deadline as some people have taken retirement waiting for new systems 



Leon The Apothecary, Student

Haha, they have been saying Pharmacy Manager was coming for years, it's pretty much a meme at this point amongst their staff.

Gurvinder Chopra, Administration & Support

Willing to hedge a bet that they will be using Invatech Health's Titan software. Only because McKesson is HQd in Coventry and Titan was helped developed by Coventry and Warwick University

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Second that, I've heard rumours to that effect, alongside them talking to Co-Op Pharmacy ever since Invatech were dropped by Well last year in favour of Analyst.

CAPA was a good up-and-coming system, plenty of nice features and cool ideas in development, but it's still incomplete as a product, at least that was the case several months prior although I suspect there's been some progress since then.

Charlie Wu, Community pharmacist

Compass was way ahead of its time when it was first introduced. We all age so that's not Compass's fault. The best way I can describe Compass is it's like an F1 car, it's impossible to drive or maintain by ordinary users and it breaks down more times than I care to count, but when it works and in the right hands, it's absolutely sensational!! Better than any other system on the market. So it may not be fit for purpose but a bad system it isn't. 

Leon The Apothecary, Student

"We all age so that's not Compass's fault."

Disagree completely. The system is outdated and failed to update into a user-friendly piece of software that is the standard in every other piece of software - so much so it needs additional software processes to be able to run the same functionality that others provide with modern background processes. We could look at Windows or macOS and how they've gotten better over the years, the transition of the modem to broadband internet. There are plenty of examples out there that show that it is Compass' fault.


"It's impossible to drive or maintain by ordinary users and it breaks down more times than I care to count."

So it is unreliable, a critical flaw to be having in PMR software. Is very poorly designed, a good piece of software makes its functionalities very clear. Respectfully, to say it's good when it's good is tautological nonsense. There are better alternatives in both of these criteria.

"So it may not be fit for purpose but a bad system it isn't."

Again, you've tautologically argued yourself into saying it isn't a good piece of software, because it is not fit for purpose. To use your metaphor "It's a nice car, but it doesn't have wheels". Compass being unfit for purpose is the very definition of being a bad system.

Aldosterone antagonist, Locum pharmacist

About time; Compass is dreadful.

Leon The Apothecary, Student

About time, Compass is the most unsuitable PMR system I have ever had to work with, second only to perhaps RX Web, in my opinion.

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Ummm....precisely why should I care?

Leon The Apothecary, Student

If your competition's software facilitates better service to your patients, they may choose to go to them rather than yourself would be one reason off the top of my head.

Why choose Amazon over Website X? Because it's a smoother experience and has more features to me that are beneficial as a consumer. Respectfully, let's look at Woolworths. That to me is the prime example why one should care!

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