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Jeremy Hunt 'impressed' by Cornish pharmacy visit

Jeremy Hunt: "Great to visit Kaye's pharmacy"

Contractor Nick Kaye says the health secretary was "engaged" during his visit to a Newquay pharmacy

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has praised the "impressive services" of a Cornish pharmacy he visited last week. 

Nick Kaye, owner of Kaye’s Chemist in Newquay, told C+D that Jeremy Hunt spent over an hour in the pharmacy and was “really engaged” during his visit last week (April 17).

“We were trying to show him [how] we message GPs and book appointments. He was super interested,” Mr Kaye told C+D yesterday (April 23).

Mr Hunt later tweeted: "Great to visit Newquay's Kaye Pharmacy: impressive services helping keep people well outside hospital".

The visit was arranged after Mr Kaye invited parliamentary candidates for the three main parties to the pharmacy. Steve Double, the Conservative candidate for St Austell and Newquay, visited the pharmacy once and was "so impressed" that he arranged a second visit with Mr Hunt, Mr Kaye said.

'Time to shine'

The visit gave the pharmacy team "time to shine" as Mr Hunt spoke to a pharmacy technician and the GP lead, Mr Kaye said. "He was saying that loves the accessibility of pharmacy because it fits in with his vision of seven-day working.”

"All politicians struggle with where [pharmacy] sits in the solution. We were trying to say [placing] pharmacists in GP surgeries is one solution, but there are others," he added.

Philip Yelling, chief officer of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly LPC, was present during Mr Hunt’s visit and told C+D that the health secretary was particularly impressed with how the pharmacy worked with nearby GP practices.

“He was very engaged and we didn’t have to convince him that pharmacy played a big part,” Mr Yelling said. “He was keen to make sure pharmacy was linked into summary care records better in the future.”

At the Conservative party conference last year, Mr Hunt said that granting the sector access to records could have prevented more than 40 patient deaths in 2013. 


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SP Ph, Community pharmacist

"Mr Hunt spoke to a pharmacy technician and the GP lead" ******** a GP lead ?? are we missing something here? It does not look like a medical centre Pharmacy yet there is a GP lead?? Second, why such a battery of big wigs ?? If Mr. Hunt wanted to visit, why not on his own and find out how we work?

Jonathon Churchill, Medical student

well since Lab/SNP/LibDem thingy is more likely after GE15, why do we care what J.Hunt has to say?

when there's an election looming and chance for publicity, politicians love us. The end of this affair will occur at approximately 10pm on May 7th I would guess

Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

Sed in frustra! Hello Andy Burnham hows it goin?

Indrakumar ( Andy) Bakhai, Other pharmacist

The instance begs the question what role would pharmacists play in his vision after an election? We need more like Kaye Pharmacy to put a shining light on the community pharmacy so Hi 5 and well done!!!

Brian Austen, Senior Management

Well done and congratulations to Nick Kaye on being so proactive and raising the profile of pharmacy with politicians in Cornwall.

Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

Shame he didnt notice when he was (in theory) in charge of health.

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