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RPS president: Pharmacy needs to get better at capturing data

Ash Soni: Pharmacy has a key role to play in helping to reduce health inequalities
Ash Soni: Pharmacy has a key role to play in helping to reduce health inequalities

Pharmacy needs to get better at capturing data to prove "how much of a role we play", the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) president has said.

C+D clinical editor Kristoffer Stewart interviewed Ash Soni at a joint RPS and UCL school of pharmacy event – Reducing health inequalities – in London last week (January 16).

Mr Soni described pharmacy as a “key place where we deliver health and wellbeing”, with a major role in “helping to reduce” health inequalities.

However, “one of the things that pharmacy has been poor at is capturing the data that shows how much of a role we play”, Mr Soni said.

Pharmacy can talk about all the great things it has done, "but we've never been able to prove that", he added.

Watch the full video for Mr Soni's views on how community pharmacy can improve its data capturing, and the sector's role in tackling health inequalities.

How does your pharmacy help to curb health inequalities?

patrick black, Marketing Manager

Pharmacists need to do this, pharmacists need to do that.

Who's going to do the actual work? You, Mr Soni?

I thought not. Stop creating solutions to problems that don't exist and let pharmacists do what they do best - dispense medications and advice for patients (which is, after all, what they go to the pharmacy for).

If Mr Soni wants to put one of his employees in a pharmacy to do whatever he has been over paid to think up, then fine. Otherwise, jog on and let us serve patients, please.

If the RPS disappeared overnight, nobody would notice or care.

Disillusioned Sussex chic, Dispenser Manager/ Dispensing Assistant

the first point of well being in a pharmacy when a patient enters is being greeted with a smile, being listened to, THEN when something nee to be recorded it can be. I struggle to undrstand what all of these people in high positions understand about actually working in the pharmacy, Have they forgotten and are out of touch? maybe the pharmacies ought to take a rotation and 'swop' jobs with the big bosses for a week? I personally don't think they would last two days in the pharmacy dispensary  role. A challenge for the RPS President, find a struggling pharmacy and spend one whole week (pharmacist hours) working there THEN you can make your statements.

Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

Mmm, interesting sentiment but as can be seen by austerity has increased health inequalities while public health schemes such as minor illness, smoking cessation, emergency hormonal contraception and healthy living pharmacy programmes are gone, disappearing or grossly underfunded.

Hope it all changes for the best?

Chemical Mistry, Information Technology

That old chestnut again !! tell us something new change the bloody recond soni

Mr Pharmacist!, Pharmaceutical Adviser

*This comment has been deleted for breaching C+D's community principles*

Barry Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Well Mr Pharmaceutical Adviser. What's your advice:

1. to the thousands of independents?

2. to jobbing pharmacists?

Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

Why are we always trying to prove our worth? If every pharmacy in the country went on strike for a day then they'd see "how much of a role we play"!!!

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