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C+D Awards reveal new category celebrating locum pharmacists and staff

The 2018 C+D Awards winners celebrating in London
The 2018 C+D Awards winners celebrating in London

The C+D Awards has revealed a category especially for locum pharmacists and staff, as well as a brand new venue next to London’s O2 arena.

Entries for all 14 C+D Awards categories – including the new Locum of the Year Award – open today.

C+D editor James Waldron said: “Locums are the secret weapon of many a pharmacy, called upon to provide emergency cover or to act as a semi-permanent part of the team. And yet their vital role rarely receives the national recognition it deserves.

“For this award, C+D wants to draw attention to the incredible work being done by locum pharmacists and pharmacy staff across the UK.”

“Whether you’ve stood in for a long-term absentee manager, have built a unique rapport with patients, or your nomadic career has involved delivering incredible pharmacy services across the nation – we want to hear from you,” Mr Waldron added.

The awards will also see the return of 13 much-loved categories, including the Pharmacy Design Award, Online Initiative of the Year, Community Pharmacist of the Year, Pharmacy Team of the Year and the Above and Beyond Award, to name a few.

For its twelfth annual ceremony, the C+D Awards will be moving to the Intercontinental O2 Hotel in London, renowned for its Thames-side location and dazzling views of Canary Wharf.

Entries close on February 15, with the shortlist to be announced on the C+D website in April.

Get inspiration by reading about each of last year’s C+D Award winners, runners-up and shortlisted entries, or click below to read about this year’s categories and to enter.

Watch the highlights from the C+D Awards 2018 below:

What will you enter at the C+D Awards 2019?

Michael Achiampong, Community pharmacist

This is a great initiative C&D people. Seriously on reflection, 2018's been really challenging working (non-stop EPS, medicines shortages etc). Particularly, earlier in the year when former Lloyds Pharmacy's literally became "independent" overnight. Somehow, the dedicated pharmacy teams in the Midlands region I've worked with kept calm as is humanly possible and carried on serving their customers throug sheer goodwill. And having to get to grips with a different PMR system....  I am not just writing this to win the award....but you've got to be in it to win it!


A LOCUM, Community pharmacist

to all prospective locum applicants , don't bother , i've got the online vote  in the bag, last night i delivered fish and chips to one of my customers , they live two doors down from the pharmacy 

David Moore, Locum pharmacist

Five to seven, end of long quiet rota. Phone rings. Surgery. Doctor's got a young child with him. Can you please hang on? No problem. We wait, and wait, and wait. Twenty past seven, we're about to give up when the family come in. Carrying a bag smelling of vinegar! Yep. They'd called in at the chippy on their way. If I reported what I said about them, I'd get disqualified from Locum of the Year award.

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

Your first mistake was waiting. Were you expecting a pat on the head from the GP  on the off chance he popped in to the pharmacy? And what were you waiting to dispense for the kid? life saving amoxicillin suspension or simple linc paed?

A LOCUM, Community pharmacist

i bet you did'nt get paid for the extra 20 minutes either .Some weeks after doing the most horrendous shift at a pharmacy where i had been set up as was 'left' the entire weeks work to check in one day , nursing homes , mds to go out that day , i received a nasty phone call from their head office wanting me to email a £1.50 parking ticket for the day , i had claimed it on my invoice , i keep all receipts and gladly emailed it to them ,and only then they paid me the £1.50,  they screwed my rate right down as they were pleading poverty because of all the cutbacks etc. Next week i find the entire company at the C&D awards, all dressed up,first class travel to london  , staying in posh hotels , sitting on expensive tables , free food and drinks all night , posing for photographs and doing drunken interviews.

David Moore, Locum pharmacist

About b*@#dy time! But I've just retired.

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

Don't worry, I doubt there will be a cash prize.

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