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Superdrug launches online repeat prescription service

Superdrug healthcare director Michael Henry: We're optimistic about the future
Superdrug healthcare director Michael Henry: We're optimistic about the future

Superdrug has today launched an online repeat prescription service, as the chain increases its focus on “digital innovation”, C+D can reveal.

Michael Henry, the company’s healthcare director, told C+D last week (November 15) its “digital NHS pharmacy service” would allow patients to use the electronic prescription service (EPS) to order their medication through Superdrug’s website, for home delivery.

Mr Henry said the launch of the service today (November 22) is “the most notable thing we are doing” to “commemorate our 25th pharmacy anniversary”. “This marks our intent and our focus on digital innovation, as being a real driver of our plans for the future”.

“[Patients will] be able to manage and order repeat prescriptions, and have it delivered to their home, without the need to come in and visit a pharmacy. People can still access advice from a Superdrug pharmacist in a bricks-and-mortar store. But…the industry has moved in this direction in the last couple of years, and we’re following,” he said.

The launch comes five weeks after C+D exclusively revealed that Well plans to launch an online prescription service "in three or four months".

Centralised dispensary “already up and running”

Mr Henry said the company plans to use a hub-and-spoke model to dispense online prescriptions through a “centralised dispensary” based in the Midlands, which is “already up and running”.

Superdrug is targeting “patients on chronic medications, and people who have busy lifestyles who would appreciate the convenience that a digital option can provide”, he said.

“Optimistic about future”

Mr Henry added that the launch of a private chickenpox vaccination service across 57 stores this year “has gone down very well”.

He stressed the company remains “keen to focus on all of the opportunities that pharmacy has to offer”. It will roll out elements – such as new pharmacy counter and dispensary designs – the company initially trialed in a concept store in Banbury, Oxfordshire, to 125 pharmacies by the end of 2018.

Superdrug will also make it possible for pharmacists “to focus on [providing] services [and] to have full days working in their clinics as opposed to being at the dispensing bench”, he said.

The company is “optimistic about the future”, said Mr Henry, who added that pharmacy has a “strong role to play in supporting the health service”.

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Does your pharmacy offer an online repeat prescription service?

Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

It is a nightmare get a letter from the pharmacy requesting to order a drug, reception pass it to me as they don't know what the hell to do with it. It is a load of cack as patients can already order their script on line diretly from the GP surgery and goes to an nominated chemist by eps. As mentioned before I will look to ban any third party requests as it is against practice policy.

Barry Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Thanks Gerry. So what do you do when P2U order on behalf of patients?

Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

Don;t have anybody using them.....patient told to order themselves and receptionist take requests directly on phone for elderly and disabled patients.

Peter Burrows, Community pharmacist

A lot of surgeries have already banned third party ordering. However there are companies advertising constantly on day time TV and radio that they will order patients prescriptions from surgeries on their behalf. Are they misleading the public? Maybe one for Advertising Standards Agency?

A Hussain, Senior Management

What if the CCG have banned third-party ordering?

S Patel, Superintendent Pharmacist

Breaking news: 'C&D exclusive: Big multiple have started to implement repeat dispensing in thier pharmacies nationwide taking it into the virtual reality ERA!, to save GP time' YEAR 2050

S Patel, Superintendent Pharmacist

That guy has such a smug look on his face, must have taken up that free teeth whitening coupon on groupon to take this photo, like he has just come up with the best most innovative idea in the world. C & D bit of advice, there are companies out there doing repeat prescriptions on a app, which is way more innovative. I understand these big companies probably pay big bucks for press releases but showcase some independents, because what happens is small pharmacies are doing some amazing things but when these big companies end up copying them, YOU showcase them like they are the only brains in the industry & act like it is a unique thing. 

Wolverine 001 , Pharmacist Director

There are companies doing repeats from an app - you can get a free one if you are Numark customer and it works well we have over 250 patinets using it now.... but charging £10 to speak to a pharmacist online (inc cost of whatever) and then waiting for it to be delivered - but I have symptoms of the runs now!!! Why would you do that when you can pay £20 call PUSHDOCTOR and have you medication straight away??

Ilove Pharmacy, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

You'll have to pay like everybody else I presume to advertise your wares.

S Patel, Superintendent Pharmacist

Thats not my point,  you .... ....

Peter Burrows, Community pharmacist


Am I missing something? CCG's across the country are preventing pharmacy from ordering prescriptions on behalf of patients!!! No joined up thinking!! NHS England, DofH, CCGs and pharmacy all pulling in diffent directions!!



Call Me Cycnical, Senior Management

Peter, I'm with you and was about to post the same comment. These guys either know something we dont or have just arrived at closing time.

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

What's new ??? This is nothing but P2U formula, except that Super drugs have no need to apply for a distance selling Pharmacy Application !!! Just a drama

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